Day 345: The Basilica Di San Marco, Venice

Day 345: The Basilica Di San Marco, Venice


So  after playing around with the new amusement park game that I got last week, I decided to try and build a Venice area in it and started looking at the architecture styles in Venice where I found this church and well, decided it would make a good daily sketch.

Really nice looking church as well with its grand romanesque facade (which makes sense seeing as it’s an Italian city and Italian building. Must be a right pain to maintain a building this grand in Venice though what with the whole constant water erosion thing but hey, that’s the price for building a city on a lake.

Anyway, I quite like the outcome of the sketch. I think I may have gone a bit heavy with the linework but it looks like the building which is the main thing. I also like the fact that I managed to get most of the relief and details down without it taking me all day to sketch which is always useful. I just wish I had more knowledge in creating more depth and definition.

Anyway I’ve got to get to work so I hope you all like this rather grand church and I’ll see you all tomorrow (hopefully)!

Till then!


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