Day 344: Monsour Medical Center, Jeanette, PA

Day 344: Monsour Medical Center, Jeanette, PA


So, rather annoyingly, over the last week or so I’ve had a progressively worsening cough and cold so decided to try a sketch of a hospital or medical building as I thought that was kind of fitting. Unfortunately, when I looked at the modern hospitals, they were all a bit boring having come from sketching old churches. As such I decided to see if I could find an interesting old hospital to draw that wasn’t too detailed due to the whole cold thing.

This is what turned up. An old abandoned hospital somewhere in America (I can’t for the life of me remember which state PA stands for) that looked cool being all overgrown and such. Just tried it in a really sketchy style which actually turned out to work really well which was a bonus. I still need to work on accurate perspective (in relation to the subject) I think the perpsective works in the actual sketch but it’s off from the subject photo.

Still, I really liked the sketch so that’s all good. No idea what we’ll have tomorrow but I’ll honestly try my best to actually get it uploaded tomorrow rather than in 3 days time!

Till then!


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