Day 231: Axton

Day 231: Axton

So, moving onto Borderlands 2 we have the guy that I played (for the small amount of time I did play Borderland 2, before deciding that I should finish the first one first). Basically, Roland’s counterpart for the second game this guy uses the same skill sets and weapon choices (which is why I thought using him was a good idea).


Not sure I like this one as much as Roland. The pose came out really nicely in some places (like the knees) and then awkward in others. The gun was also a pain the bum to get looking right and it’s still a  little bit wonky now but oh well at least I got some practice drawing a different pose with it which is always good.

Not much else to say about it and we have two more sketches to up,load so lets move onto the next one.

Till then!


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