Day 328: Lacey, America’s next top model

Day 328: Lacey, America’s next top model

So, firstly apologies for falling behind with uploading these again. Been a bit busy lately but will hopefully have time to get them all uploaded today (including today’s).

As for day 328’s sketch, I was at a bit of a loss for what to sketch so, as my wife was watching America’s next top model at the time I choose one of the remaining contestants to draw in the form of Lacey.


Unfortunately, this didn’t go brilliantly well in terms of an accurate drawing. I definitely¬†messed up the eyes and the lips look a bit odd. I don’t think I choose an easy picture to draw from, to be honest as the angle was difficult to get correct still, at least I tried.

I doi however quite like the rendering on this. It’s pretty messy but doesn’t look all that bad as a whole and I quite like the patchy cross hatching look.

Anyway we’ve got a few more days till we’re all caught up to let’s continue to day 329.

Till then




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