Day 327: New Keys!

Day 327: New Keys!

So yesterday we headed out to get a second-hand Ford Focus C-Max as we needed a more family suited car than the Rav 4 that we did have. As such I didn’t have a lot of time to actually sketch what I wanted to sketch so I decided to sketch our new keys for the car (wanted to sketch the Golden Hind moored up in Brixham).


Pretty excited by the car really. It’s a lot more comfortable than the Rav and although we need to get a couple of issues sorted on it, we didn’t pay a hell of a lot for it so are pretty happy with what we’ve got.

Now I just need to have another road trip or holiday to test it out on.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully be back tonight with today’s sketch after work so will see you all then.

Till then!



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