Day 325: Anna Kournikova

Day 325: Anna Kournikova

As I said, I’ve got another tennis player for today’s sketch, this time a female one in the form of Anna Kournikova (not actually sure if she still plays or if she’s retired now mind you, my wife spent ages trying to remember her name so, once we’d figured it out I thought I may as well sketch her).


Really like the outcome of this one too, especially the mouth and (although there not a completely accurate representation of the subject photo) the eyes as I think they make a nice focal point due to the really dark tone of them. The teeth in the mouth also went really well which always help (As I mentioned int he Murray sketch teeth make me nervous and normally end up looking really goofy for me).

I quite like the tones as well int he last couple of sketches that I’ve done. They’re mostly super messy and loose but I think that the cross hatching helps to create a uniform texture despite how messy it is if you look closely. I’m also getting quite quick at laying down the cross hatching which is nice and my ability to glance and sketch, glance and sketch and so on has improved a helll of a lot thanks to these potraits.

Anyway, now were all caught up I need to go get some sleep. I think I’ll try and sketch whoever Murray is playing in the final tomorrow to finish off the tennis sketching so I’ll see you with that one tomorrow.

Till then!



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