Day 323: Roger Federer

Day 323: Roger Federer

So yesterday I asked my wife to choose a subject for me to sketch. Now she’s a bit of  tennis fan so given the time of year it wasn’t really that surprising what she chose. She’s also a bit fan of Roger Federer so asked me to sketch an image of him.


Not really that sure it looks a lot like Roger Federer but it definitely looks like a tennis player and I’m really happy with how the actual pose came out which kind of makes up for the odd looking face.

It’s still marginally recognisable as Roger Federer though so it’s not too bad and as said above, I like the pose.

Not much else to say so I’ll leave it here. Got another tennis sketch to upload tomorrow  (too tired at the moment) from today which I like a lot more so hopefully that’ll be something to look for.

Till then!



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