Day 347: Basilica De Santa Maria del Frari, Venice

Day 347: Basilica De Santa Maria del Frari, Venice


So were back in Venice for today’s sketch with another one of the many churches there, this time, the Basilica De Santa Maria del Frari. I choose this one mainly because I liked the way the photo was composed with the trees in the foreground creating a sort of frame and different look for a Venitian church without the usual waterside.

I also did this one in biro as I got a bit carried away using it while doing the usual biro under sketch and just thought, what the hell, let’s just go with it and not use any of the usual fineliner which I think has given the lovely church a much more blended appearance ( I really would use biros solely if it wasn’t for the whole lightfastness issue which is a shame).

Anyway, medium aside I really liked the subject and the way that the sketch came out. Again I did try and get something down a bit quicker than I usually do and again I failed as I went with a rather heavily detailed buildings but nevermind, I had the time and the result was nice so there we go.

Got to head out into town tomorrow for some stuff so might try and get something from there to draw for tomorrow but we’ll have to see.

Till then!


Day 346: Village Show Dressage

Day 346: Village Show Dressage

So yesterday was the annual Axmouth Village show where quite a large part of the village turn up for a day of the normal village show stuff of displays by local groups as well as the competition tent with entries from around the village and area. Anyway one of the displays that happen in the centre of the field this year was this guy and his animals.


Now this guy did some fancy kind of Dressage (at least I think it’s that, I don’t really have much of an idea when it comes to horses) but he also had some falcons with him that did some displays while he was on horseback, pretty funky stuff.

So I thought this photo of him that I captured would make a nice daily sketch so went with this. Now, being completely honest with you this is the second sketch that I did of the subject as the first time that I did it the scales of the riders and the horse were awful and completely off and created a horrible sketch.

Luckily the second one turned out by far, a hell of a lot better than the first attempt and is actually a piece I’m pretty happy with, especially given my lack of animal drawings in the past.

Anyway, that was yesterday’s sketch and I have today’s to hopefully show you in a few minutes.

Till then!

Day 345: The Basilica Di San Marco, Venice

Day 345: The Basilica Di San Marco, Venice


So  after playing around with the new amusement park game that I got last week, I decided to try and build a Venice area in it and started looking at the architecture styles in Venice where I found this church and well, decided it would make a good daily sketch.

Really nice looking church as well with its grand romanesque facade (which makes sense seeing as it’s an Italian city and Italian building. Must be a right pain to maintain a building this grand in Venice though what with the whole constant water erosion thing but hey, that’s the price for building a city on a lake.

Anyway, I quite like the outcome of the sketch. I think I may have gone a bit heavy with the linework but it looks like the building which is the main thing. I also like the fact that I managed to get most of the relief and details down without it taking me all day to sketch which is always useful. I just wish I had more knowledge in creating more depth and definition.

Anyway I’ve got to get to work so I hope you all like this rather grand church and I’ll see you all tomorrow (hopefully)!

Till then!

Day 344: Monsour Medical Center, Jeanette, PA

Day 344: Monsour Medical Center, Jeanette, PA


So, rather annoyingly, over the last week or so I’ve had a progressively worsening cough and cold so decided to try a sketch of a hospital or medical building as I thought that was kind of fitting. Unfortunately, when I looked at the modern hospitals, they were all a bit boring having come from sketching old churches. As such I decided to see if I could find an interesting old hospital to draw that wasn’t too detailed due to the whole cold thing.

This is what turned up. An old abandoned hospital somewhere in America (I can’t for the life of me remember which state PA stands for) that looked cool being all overgrown and such. Just tried it in a really sketchy style which actually turned out to work really well which was a bonus. I still need to work on accurate perspective (in relation to the subject) I think the perpsective works in the actual sketch but it’s off from the subject photo.

Still, I really liked the sketch so that’s all good. No idea what we’ll have tomorrow but I’ll honestly try my best to actually get it uploaded tomorrow rather than in 3 days time!

Till then!

Day 343: Roman Catholic Church in China

Day 343: Roman Catholic Church in China


So for yesterday it was back to churches again and after a quick google search it turned up this pretty interesting Catholic church situated in China. I found it interesting due to the fact that it looked like quite a traditional western church but with the traditional Chinese tiled roofs and the pagoda style tower on top.

As for the actual drawing style, I went back to the one that I’ve been trying lately, much preferring it to yesterday’s attempts at a newer one. This one also works a lot better at showing a clearer picture though I could probably have to don a better job on the background forested hill than I managed to do.

Anyway, two down one more to upload so let’s not stop now and I’ll see you all again in a few!

Till then!

Day 342: Church cottages at Penshurst

Day 342: Church cottages at Penshurst


So another session of catch ups today, starting with this image of some cottages I found while googling for more church images and really liked. Decided to try a different rendering method with this one, going for an etched type of feel.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out as successfully as I hoped that it would, with the drawing looking a lot more washed out than was intended. I think you can just about make out the subjects but still, its not as effective as the other methods I’ve tried. I may come back to try this method again with a bit more practise at it but for now, I think we’ll return to my usual style.

Right got another two to go until we’re caught up again so let’s move onto the next one!

Till then!

Day 340: Normanton Church, Rutland Water

Day 340: Normanton Church, Rutland Water


Another church, this time in a really picturesque location, sat beside a lake (other than that I have no idea where Rutland Water actually is. The ground was covered with snow though so it was definitely somewhere cold).

Basically, I really liked how calm and serene the photo was and how the subject stood out against the stark white background. I struggled with the water though which was a shame as it would have been nice to have got that down really nicely butI feel it still looks like water so it’s not all bad.

Weirdly enough I think my favourite part of this sketch is the dark shoreline to the right and the trees on the left in the background rather than the actual subject of the church but hey, it’s all good.

Right one more to go and were all caught up so I’ll leave you with this church and be back in a  minute!

Till then!

Day 339:St Mary’s Church, Oldham

Day 339:St Mary’s Church, Oldham

So I’m a couple of days behind with my uploading again so sorry for that but I’ve got enough time now to get them all uploaded so lets get to it.


Starting with this old church in Aldham, I decided to go back to the subject of churches mainly because I like the subjects and usually there not all that time consuming to draw. This one was chosen because of the unusual round tower that it has (reminds me more of a lighthouse than a church but it makes for an interesting building).

I also really like how the tower came out which is good as its the focus of the sketch (I have also just realised that I’ve managed to cut the very bottom of the sketch off while cropping the photo so sorry about that. There wasn’t a lot down there, just a wall and some foliage ). The gravestones and the dark bush tot he far right also came out really nicely which was a pleasant surprise as they were really simple to draw.

Anyway, that’s one down, two more to go so lets not stop and get right into the next sketch!

Till then!

Day 338: Oblivion, Alton Towers

Day 338: Oblivion, Alton Towers


So today’s sketch is of the famous dive coaster Oblivion in Alton Towers Me and my wife went to Alton GTowers several years ago where this was the coaster that terrified us both the most. This thinking about it, made no sense whatsoever as we had rode Nemesis several times that day already and, as it turned out, Nemesis was a lot more intense than Oblivion.

It also made very little sense due to me having rode SAW at Thorpe Park many times in the past and the vertical drop on that is steeper than the one on this (which is what was scaring me). However, as it was the last coaster we needed to ride in the park, we wen’t for it and realised that it really wasn’t all that bad (I mean it honestly didn’t really do a lot but we were expecting that as it is basically a gimmick coaster).

Anyway, I thought that made it a fitting sketch subject so decided to do that and am pretty happy with the result. I did find it slightly awkward when it came to the coaster train but still, its definitely recognisable as the coaster its meant to be so that’s the main thing.

Anyway I;’m out of time so will have to upload today’s sketch tomorrow and leave you with Oblivion here.

Till then!