Day 313: Seaton Jurassic Fossil

Day 313: Seaton Jurassic Fossil

So, despite the fact that its been open for at least a few months, today we finally managed to get around to having a look at Seaton’s latest endeavour, the Jurassic centre. Pretty glad we did actually as it was a lot better inside than I expected it would be and lot better themed than the usual museum or informational attraction that I thought it would be. That being said, please don’t visit it expecting it to be full of dinosaurs. Sure there’s loads of fossils and stuff but it’s really about how the area has changed geologically over the years.

Anyway while there I tried to get some photos of stuff to sketch but unfortunately I’d forgotten my camera, the attraction was quite dark and my phone’s camera is awful. Still, I did manage to get a  photo of a large fossil which made for a nice sketch.


It also rather amazingly led to a sketch where I seem to have finally managed to push the values of the pen cross-hatching and gave me one of my favourite sketches. I do really like how the actual fossil looks 3D thanks mainly to the pushed values around the middle and the wooden floor looks nice.

Anyway not much more to say about this so I’ll end it here. If however you are in the Seaton area and have some young kids who like interactive things or are interested in geology and history yourself then popping in and seeing te exhibit might be a nice way to spend an hour or two and you can judge for yourself how accurately this sketch came out.

However till then here’s a sketch of a fossil and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till then!


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