Day 311: Lamborghini Aventador

Day 311: Lamborghini Aventador

So, today I just randomly choose an image that I liked from Pinterest which happened to be an interestingly angled photo of a Lamborghini Aventador.


Definitely, the best car that I’ve drawn and the speed with which I managed to draw it I think goes to show that all this practise with vehicles lately has paid off which is exciting as this is the whole point of the blog.

I also choose to use colour in this one as you can see, this time opting to use my Faber Castell PITT Artists Pens, rather than the usual watercolour pencils that I usually use. I really enjoyed them as well though I don’t understand fully how the colours actually work together as they are different from the layering you can achieve with watercolour pencils. and I like the graphical looking outcome that I got and might try using them a bit more often in the future.

And finally, with this entry were fully up to date again. No idea what will be coming tomorrow but I hope you all enjoy the sketches as much as I did drawing them and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till then!



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