Day 305: Port Jackson Shark, Newquay Aquarium

Day 305: Port Jackson Shark, Newquay Aquarium

So on Sunday the nice weather we were having was replaced with the much more normal British weather of pouring rain. Typically found anytime where you don’t actually want it, this limited what we could do. However luckily enough there was an Aquarium in Newquay which was apparently the number one thing to do when it rained in Cornwall so we thought why not and headed down there.

Turned out to be quite a nice little Aquarium where you could easily lose a few hours (again, though, if you have the choice the national Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is much larger and has a lot more to do in it). Anyway they had a walk through tunnel as the main attraction and I managed to get some pictures of some of the sharks they had there, choosing a Port Jackson Shark (or at least I think it’s a Port Jackson Shark, I could be wrong though) as the daily sketch.


Now I actually managed to push some values in this sketch which is a good thing given how my latest sketches have been a bit flat, value wise. I also just like how the sketch came out as I didn’t think I was going to actually be able to get the look of the shark correct when I started sketching but I don’t think it came out too badly

Quite like doing these animal sketches as well so I may try and work some more into the daily sketching as I’m sure there’s plenty of interesting animals to draw (plus I have a few other photos of fish and animals from the trip).

Anyway, for now I think I’ve got time to upload another day so I’ll see you in a few minutes with that one.

Till then!


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