Day 297: Spitfire

Day 297: Spitfire

So as I said I probably would yesterday I’ve gone with a plane for today and in keeping with the old time theme that seems to have pervaded my vehicle drawing (and also because its icon of British planes), we have a Spitfire.


Quite a quick sketch this one as we had a electrician coming this morning so I wanted to get it done before he turned up. Choose the plane because I really liked the angle that it was at and the black and white  photo that I used as reference.

The actual sketch was a bit of a weird one as at one point I thought it was completely wrong and wasn’t going to work at all but the perseverance seems to have paid off and I like the outcome of the sketch, especially the  dark parts of it and the sky turned out better than I thought it would.

Anyway I’ve got to head off to work so I’ll leave you with the sketch and see you all tomorrow!

Till then!


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