Day 295: Stranded

Day 295: Stranded 

So today we stick with the whole vehicle theme but this time go a bit more nautical. Mind you the subject isn’t exactly going anywhere soon.


Yep, definitely not going anywhere soon (or at least for a few hours. I really like this subject. I think it must be having grown up a few minutes away from several harbours where this is a common it just reminds me of home and the love the angles they always lean at.

Really enjoyed the sketch as well and liked the outcome  though once again I could probably have done with pushing the values a bit on the actual boat. The water though came out pretty well with the reflection of the boat.

The sketch itself really didn’t take all that long to do whether which is always a bonus as I’m not always getting a lot of time to do them so being able to get this done in a hour or so is a lot better speed than what I used to be able to achieve.

Anyway that’s all for today so I hope you like this little stranded boat and join me tomorrow where, as usual I have no idea what I’ll be sketching but as normal, I’ll see you then!

Till then!


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