Day 294: Rusted

Day 294: Rusted 

So I decided to see if my recent luck with drawing the lorries was a actual increase in skill with drawing vehicles or whether it was just a fluke by sketching another car today, this time a rusted old car with a tree growing through it.


So it turns out that either I’m still on a lucky streak with this vehicle drawing, the pen has made a tonne of difference (I think this option may be pushing it a bit though) or that I’m getting much better with perspective and transcribing what I’m looking at. I think the improvement in the tones that I’m achieving is partly down tot he change back to ballpoint though as its just a really nice tool to achieve lots of tonal range.

The only thing I would have changed with the sketch above though is to make the tones darker on the vehicle as it kind of blends in a bit with the paper as it currently is but other than that I really like how it came out and just love how the tree twists organically out of the mechanical and hard edged car.

That’s all for today though so I’ll be back tomorrow where I hope you will all join me with what will probably be another vehicle sketch, provided your not getting bored of them already of course. If you do have any vehicles in particular you’d like me to sketch then feel free to suggest them in the comments.

Till then!


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