Day 293: AEC Mandator

Day 293: AEC Mandator

Hey guys and welcome to another truck sketch this time of a rather older British AEC Mandator lorry. After spending ages trying to find a flat faced lorry that you usually find in Europe I stumbled across a brilliant little website where someone has catalogued a load of lorries across Europe, both old and newer here website clicky!. After looking around it for a bit I decided on this lorry to draw.


Again I’m pretty happy with the outcome on this one. I don’t think it came out as well as yesterdays one but I still really liked sketching it. I also did this one in colour which was fun though the green wasn’t the right shade so when I tried to mix it with brown it came out a bit muddy. Still, trial and error and everything.

Anyway I’m shattered so will have to love you all and leave you all with this lorry for today and see you all again tomorrow!

Till then!


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