Day 290: Harley Davidson WLA ‘Liberator’ model 1942

Day 290: Harley Davidson WLA ‘Liberator’ model 1942

Firstly I apologise for not actually posting yesterdays sketch when I thought I had yesterday, my bad, must have forgotten to hit submit or something. Anyway, today I thought to myself how much harder can it be to sketch a motorcycle rather than a car. Turns out quite a bit more time consuming lol as this Harley Davidson proves.


Still it was definitely more than worth it as I think this may just be one of the best sketches I’ve ever done. Sure the angles are a bit off it places but I just love the huge amount of details and the tonal control that the ballpoint has afforded me in it.

I went for a older model bike (right back to WW2 in this case) as I find them more interesting to look at than the modern day superbikes with their covered engines. This did however mean a whole lot more detail work that I had to do but still it was more than worth it in the end.

The only thing I need to do now is find some more of these pens before I run the ink out in them as I’m having a bit of a drawing binge at the moment and I’m worried it might use it up fairly quickly (I’m using a fine nib ballpoint otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it as medium nibs are pretty easy to come by).

Anyway, I’ve no idea what I’ll be drawing tomorrow but no doubt it’ll be another vehicle as I’m really enjoying them at the moment. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the bike!

Till then!


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