Day 289: 1935 Cadilac V16 Imperial Convertible Sedan

Day 289: 1935 Cadillac V16 Imperial Convertible Sedan

So I choose to do another car today, this time going a bit further back in time to a 1935 Cadillac and a real retro look.


Quite a cool car as well. Reminds me of the Mafia games. It’s also definitely a lot better than the past two that I’ve done. Not sure if this is just to do with me getting better at the visual transfer or just the angle at which the car is (I think that makes sense, at least I know what I meant even if it didn’t make all that much sense).

Again its done in ballpoint this time a fine one and fully in black and whit instead of the mustard colour that the car was. Might try adding colour again with ballpoints in the future but not too sure. As for tomorrow’s sketch think I might do another vehicle, but may try and motorcycle instead of a car though who knows.

Till then!


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