Day 316: Leo the Lion

Day 316: Leo the Lion

So, on today’s agenda for sketching was my son’s lion rattle, Leo (because all his toys need alliteration names).


Quite a difficult sketch to do actually as it has a large number of different textures in it to keep the child entertained but I think I managed to capture the shape and the textures well. I think looking at the black and white sketch though this would probably have benefitted from some colour but even without that, I think the different parts are obvious.

The one part though that didn’t turn out to well was the bottom half of the face as it was meant to look like a soft texture rather than the hair it does look like.but nevermind.

Anyway, that’s today’s sketch done. Not sure what to draw tomorrow but I may try a portrait of someone. so we’ll have to wait and see (me included).

Till then!


Day 315:90th Birthday Bench, Kilmington

Day 315:90th Birthday Bench, Kilmington

So for yesterday’s sketch, I decided to draw this new bench that been put in in Kilmington on the green in celebration of the Queens 90th birthday. Not really anything all that different about the bench, I just liked the fact that it was different as the wood wasn’t all straight and uniform but a bit wonky in places, looking a lot more natural (or at least it will do when it gets a bit weather worn).


Really like the outcome of the sketch even if I did have to make some adjustments to it from the under sketch bit which show through in places. I’m particularly happy with the tones in its a bit different to normal  to normal where the subject is usually the darker part of the sketch.

I also really like how the shadows came out as well as they really help to anchor the subject to the surroundings as well as making it look a lot more realistic.

Looking at the last few sketches I’m also just really happy how they seem to have improved quite a lot and the time I’m spending on each one is slowly reducing (which is a bonus as well as Oscar is getting more and more active as he gets older).

Anyway, I have today’s sketch finished so will upload that when I get home from work later so….

Till then!

Day 314: Insect Homes, Seaton Jurassic,

Day 314: Insect Homes, Seaton Jurassic,

So, for yesterday’s sketch, we have another look at a bit of the Seaton Jurassic, this time of the insect homes, contained in the garden outside of the exhibit building.


As you can see these are the usual insect homes that you can find all over the place with sticks and bit of twigs and just things with holes in them stuffed into a post or tree trunk to provide sheltered areas for insects. I liked the photo because fo the composition of the 4 posts forming the homes, with the nature juxtapositioned against the angular and modern building behind it.

As for the actual outcome of the sketch, I really liked it. I managed to achieve quite a nice definition on the subject of the sketch and although I didn’t manage to push the values all that much I think the difference in the values of the main subject and the background  are enough to make the sketch work (which I suppose means that the last statement was redundant but nevermind we’ll just move on).

Anyway, there’s not all that much else to say about the sketch though I do quite like the flowers framing the right side of the sketch (though they are foxgloves which as you know from a couple of days ago I’m partial too). so I’ll leave you all for today and get that uploaded tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 313: Seaton Jurassic Fossil

Day 313: Seaton Jurassic Fossil

So, despite the fact that its been open for at least a few months, today we finally managed to get around to having a look at Seaton’s latest endeavour, the Jurassic centre. Pretty glad we did actually as it was a lot better inside than I expected it would be and lot better themed than the usual museum or informational attraction that I thought it would be. That being said, please don’t visit it expecting it to be full of dinosaurs. Sure there’s loads of fossils and stuff but it’s really about how the area has changed geologically over the years.

Anyway while there I tried to get some photos of stuff to sketch but unfortunately I’d forgotten my camera, the attraction was quite dark and my phone’s camera is awful. Still, I did manage to get a  photo of a large fossil which made for a nice sketch.


It also rather amazingly led to a sketch where I seem to have finally managed to push the values of the pen cross-hatching and gave me one of my favourite sketches. I do really like how the actual fossil looks 3D thanks mainly to the pushed values around the middle and the wooden floor looks nice.

Anyway not much more to say about this so I’ll end it here. If however you are in the Seaton area and have some young kids who like interactive things or are interested in geology and history yourself then popping in and seeing te exhibit might be a nice way to spend an hour or two and you can judge for yourself how accurately this sketch came out.

However till then here’s a sketch of a fossil and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 312: Snowboarder

Day 312: Snowboarder

Day 312: SnowboarderSo, today was one of them annoying days where through a combination of business and just being undecided and not overly motivated, I struggled to find an actual subject to draw. Luckily, come 11pm I finally found a picture of a snowboarder that caught my eye and led to this sketch below.


Again done with the PITT pens as well as the usual ink this one was an interesting pose and had some nice shades and tonal value in it. Unfortunately though, thanks to not having a wider range than 2 of yellow tones in these pens trying to get darker yellows was a bit difficult but I don’t think that the results are that jarring, with the use of the grey.

The pose, though, especially the top half I’m really happy with and came out better than I thought it would. Ther one thing I will say about these pens though is that I wish they were slightly smoother with their application but oh well, I just have to learn to work around it if I’m going to use them.

Right, time to finish this one up and get today’s uploaded as its getting late so I’ll see you in a few.

Till then!


Day 311: Lamborghini Aventador

Day 311: Lamborghini Aventador

So, today I just randomly choose an image that I liked from Pinterest which happened to be an interestingly angled photo of a Lamborghini Aventador.


Definitely, the best car that I’ve drawn and the speed with which I managed to draw it I think goes to show that all this practise with vehicles lately has paid off which is exciting as this is the whole point of the blog.

I also choose to use colour in this one as you can see, this time opting to use my Faber Castell PITT Artists Pens, rather than the usual watercolour pencils that I usually use. I really enjoyed them as well though I don’t understand fully how the colours actually work together as they are different from the layering you can achieve with watercolour pencils. and I like the graphical looking outcome that I got and might try using them a bit more often in the future.

And finally, with this entry were fully up to date again. No idea what will be coming tomorrow but I hope you all enjoy the sketches as much as I did drawing them and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till then!


Day 310:Digitalis Purpurea (White Foxgloves)

Day 310:Digitalis Purpurea (White Foxgloves)

So, we have another plant sketch today this time of the Digitalis Purpurea (yay for fancy latin words), more commonly known as the Foxgloves. Really like these plants as they tend to always look striking no matter where I see them. Not too sure about how much use they have as actual garden plants though, given the fact that they’re highly poisonous but there you go, can’t have all the cake and eat it. Choose to draw a white one as I wanted to do a black and white sketch and as such, the white variety made the most sense.


Quite like this one as I think I managed to get the shapes of the actual flowers down pretty well and it actually does look like a foxglove. Not too sure what I was going for with the background, though, I think it was meant to be grass and just a way of making the background a lot darker than the actual subject to help make it pop.

In hindsight, though I should probably have made the grass in the background a bit more muted rather than just pure white as this would have actually pushed the subject forward rather  than them blending in slightly but nevermind, hindsight is always fun and I still like the outcome.

So that was yesterdays sketch. Only one more (today’s) to go until were all cuaght up so lets jump stright into the next entry and return to normallity with the blog posts!

Till then!


Day 309: Parrot at Newquay

Day 309: Parrot at Newquay

So decided to head back to the zoo yesterday (in photos not that actual zoo physically) and decided to draw a parrot as we had a hospital appointment and I needed something quick and easy to draw.


Turns out that parrots are actually quite fun to draw as well and they also have really long tails. As you’ve probably noticed though this one is in colour which is a bit of a departure from the normal medium I work in, however, due to how difficult it was to make out what the subject actually was without the rather parrotesque colours  (well Scarlett Macaw colours anyway).

Turns out as well that the colour really made the drawing pop and made the parrot look a lot more like a parrot rather than some random lines. His head was at a bit of a weird angle mind you which was a bit difficult to make out but I think I got it.

Anyway, that’s us nearly caught yp and I’ll get today’s sketch up tomorrow as I need to sleep. So, for now, I’ll finish on this colourful parrot for you all and see you all tomorrow.

Till then

Day 208: Sundial Garden, Heligan

Day 208: Sundial Garden, Heligan

So I decided to revisit Heligan for day 308’s sketch with the intention of doing a sketch where I could try and push the values a bit more, choosing this sundial found in Heligan (where, interestingly enough, someone was getting married on the Saturday we visited, so congratulations to whoever they were!).


Really like this sketch as well. I feel that the shadows are definitely a bit more pushed than I usually end up with in my sketches and I really like how the flower bed and foliage in the background actually look like foliage rather than a random collection of lines and shapes that usually make up my backgrounds.

I’ve also used a bit more solid black in the sketch which is something that usually I’m a bit worried about doing but has helped to push values in this sketch. I also really like how the grass has come out.

Anyway that’s another day caught up on so we’ve now only got two left before were all up to date so I’ll see you all in a minute with another one!

Till then!