Day 274: Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy

Day 274: Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy

For today’s famous landmark were in the Italian city of Pisa, famous for its architectural error in the form of its leaning tower (which unbeknownst to me up until a couple of days ago is actually the bell tower of the cities cathedral).


Quite a loose little sketch that I had to finish up rather quickly as it was getting towards midnight. I would have liked to have added all the little column details on the sides of the tower but given the time restraints I didn’t manage it. Looking at it however it probably wouldn’t have actually fitted on the paper anyway and would have made the whole thing look a lot more messy.

The people may have been a bit off scale wise as well but as I found out with the Nottingham university building it still looks ok as long as all the people are in the correct scale with eachtoher.

One thing I did find quite odd while drawing this is that the flag pole at the top of the tower is actually straight up rather than slanted like the rest of the tower.

Anyway that was day 274. I’ve got yesterdays to upload in a minute and then, when I’ve hopefully done today’s and uploaded it later we’ll once again be back on track.

Till tomorrow (or in a few minutes)



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