Day 286: Tholos, Delphi, Greece

Day 286: Tholos, Delphi, Greece

So today were back with the ancient monuments them of sketches that we briefly left yesterday, this time in ancient Delphi, Greece where I’ve sketched the ruins of the Tholos, which as far as I can tell was a circular market structure where money was weighed out or the gods of trade were worshipped.


Tried to be a lot more free and loose with this one tightening up the main parts as I went along rather than trying t get everything right in the first pass. Not overly sure if it worked but I quite like the actual temple (which is always useful as that’s the main focus) but I think I may have gone a bit over the top with the messiness.

Still it turned out less messy than I thought it would and you can actually make the trees out in the middleground which is good. I still think I much prefer the level of messiness that I used in yesterday’s tractor rather than in this one though.

Anyway that’s all for today. Not sure where we’ll be tomorrow but theres still a few ancient monuments left to sketch so it might be one of them.

Till then!


Day 285: Colyton Tractor Rally 2016

Day 285: Colyton Tractor Rally 2016

So, for something completely different today we have a tractor from the local tractor rally which passed by the back of my parents house while I was round there earlier with the little one and some other family. Quite a few old style tractors were there as well which was cool and everyone seemed to enjoy watching them. I took the opportunity to take a quick photo to sketch later on in the day.


Really happy with how this turned out given my track record for trying to draw vehicles. I think my grasp of perspective must have got a lot better than it was the last time I tried to draw a vehicle which is nice. I especially like how elliptical I managed to get the wheels despite free handing them. Sure the person looks a bit weird but nevermind we’ll ignore him..

But yer I really liked this sketch and as you can see choose to add colour to make the tractor pop and and show off its lovely red colouring. Might have to draw more vehicles in the future especially in this sketchy style as its fairly quick and (at least in this case) produced a good result.

So yer I hope you all like this look at the old tractor and don’t mind the break in the usual monument content and I’ll see you all tomorrow for the next sketch.

Till then!

Day 284: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

Day 284: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK

So as I said I would yesterday, I’ve come a lot closer to home today with a sketch of the monolithic rock circle that is Stonehenge.


Now granted my background bits for the buildings or subjects in question are never normally that helpful but I literally know nothing about this place other than its links with Pagan festivals and that its a tourist attraction. However seeing as that’s pretty much what most people know about the site I don’t feel that clueless.

Anyway once again like the Easter Island statues I really like this sketch, especially how quick and easy it was to get it done, with me able to do it in the background while having a family afternoon. I also seem to be on some sort of black and white binge at the moment though I’ve no idea where its come from.

Anyway that’s today’s sketch. I actually have no idea what I’m sketching tomorrow so I’ll leave you all with Stonehenge.

Till then!


Day 283: Easter Island Moai, Easter Island

Day 283: Easter Island Moai, Easter Island

So today we head off tot he island of Easter island, famous for its large amount of huge monolithic statues that can be found there (apparently known as Moai). Long thought to just be the head and shoulders apparently recently archaeologists have discovered that the entire body of the statues is below the ground, which, either means that someone went to a lot of bother sculpting the bodies then burying them or theres been a hell of a lot of soil built up around them over the intervening years. Either way its still lead to one of the most famous places on Earth and a neat basis for this sketch.


And boy am I happy with the sketch. In fact its one of my favourites of the entire sketch blog. Again its pen and ink just because I got carried away trying to build up the tones and didn’t want to add overly bright colours to it, preferring to go for a black and white look instead. That said though I could probably have pushed the tone on the grass a tiny bit more but oh well. Plus I really like how the shadows look on the grass as they are.

Getting the shape right on the statues wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it would have been for me to do either and the base sketch was done pretty quickly. I’m also, for once, quite happy with how the sky came out. Sure its messy and isn’t as controlled as the rest of the sketch but in my opinion, this time it actually works, Though of course there is room to always be refining the pen and ink rendering for the sky.

Anyway that’s it for today’s statue sketch. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. I was thinking of getting a bit closer to home tomorrow and doing stone henge so we’ll have to see. For now I leave you to rock out with these guys!

Till then!


Day 282: The Statue Of Liberty, New York, USA

Day 282: The Statue Of Liberty, New York, USA

So, from Jordan we take a trip across the ocean to New York and the rather famous landmark, the Statue of Liberty. Or at least the more interesting part of it.


Again its a black and white pen drawing with hatching and cross hatching in a scribble form providing tone and shape. I also took a alternate approach to doing something different with the sky, or at least tried. Not sure if it works with the stippling and there is no way that heavy usage of stippling is of any real use when sketching due to time restraints but it was fun to try something different.

As for the rest of the sketch I real;y like it. It definitely turned out a lot better than I expected it too when I choose the subject as I expected the proportions and perspective to be be way off and, although not perfect it more than does the job for me and I hope you lot like it too!

Anyway that’s all. No idea what I’ll be drawing tomorrow so we’ll have to wait and see.

Till then!

Day 281: The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

Day 281: The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

So yesterdays sketch took us to Jordan where we visited the rather unique ancient city of Petra. Quite literally built into the cliffs in canyons in Jordan, I had no idea this place existed until I found it the 7 Wonders game but it looked interesting so I decided to sketch a building from it in the form of the treasury.


Quite like the outcome as well though it is a bit taller and thinner than the actual building but given how quickly I was trying to get it sketched the actual finished lines are a lot cleaner than I thought they would be.

The details haven’t been lost either which is another bonus as I thought they would go to with the messy lines I was putting down. Having said that though, it was quite hard to actually make out what half the details are as the carvings are generally quite warn down.

Anyway that’s it for yesterdays sketch and our first look at Petra. I’m pretty sure theres a number of different intact buildings there so we may return in the future to it. For now though I have today’s sketch to upload so I’ll see you in a few minutes hopefully.

Till then!

Day 280: The Sphinx, Eqypt

Day 280: The Sphinx, Eqypt

So, I choose a rather simple looking monument to draw for yesterdays sketch, moving back into Egypt and this time taking a look at the Sphinx.


This iconic half man half lion statue turned out however to be a bit harder to sketch than I had first imagined it would be. Mind you, not having a lot of time due to a hospital appointment for our little one didn’t really help matters but still, the face on this was awkward and fairly difficult to get looking kind of right.

I suppose in my defence though I could say that the worn out statue probably doesn’t have the easiest of faces to capture as a lot of the features have disappearedĀ over time, still the shape is definitely there and I think i can claim that its rather obviously a Sphinx.

Black and white was also chosen mainly as a time saving method rather than any artistic choice, though given how carried away I get when using just pen in trying to achieve a decent tone this probably didn’t have all that much success in making it a quicker sketch.

Anyway that was all for yesterdays sketch. Unfortunately I don’t have time to upload today’s sketch now as I have a early start tomorrow so that will have to wait till then so I’ll leave you with this Sphinx and bid you all farewell till tomorrow.

Till then!


Day 279: Hagia Sophia, Istandbul, Turkey

Day 279: Hagia Sophia, Istandbul, Turkey

Today’s sketch takes us away from massive walls in China and instead dumps us outside a huge temple in Istanbul in the form of the Hagia Sophia.


Firstly I apologise for the camera strap that might have creeped into the bottom of the picture but ignoring that I really like this sketch. originally when I decided to do it I didn’t think it would work at all as I thought that I wouldn’t have enough time to do it as its quite a detailed subject and my lovely son decided to wake up and need a feed half way through it.

Still I managed to finish it and produce a nice bright sketch that I’m pretty happy with. Its a bit of a shame that I didn’t managed to fit one of the minarets in the picture but oh well. I also took some liberties with some of the colours as I didn’t have the correct ones or couldn’t really make out what colours they were meant to be (mainly this was with the domed roofs but also in a couple of other places)..

Anyway as i said above other than that I really liked the sketch and am pleased with how it came out. No idea where we will be tomorrow though no doubt it’ll be another monument. Not sure how much time I’ll have tomorrow though as we have a hospital appointment for little one and then I have work so may need to find a rather simple monument.

Anyway I’ll stop waffling on and leave you with the Hagia Sophia till I have tomorrows sketch ready to upload (well hopefully).

Till then!

Day 277: The Great Wall Of China pt2, China

Day 277: The Great Wall Of China pt2, China

So this is the second sketch done of the wall of China, this time in colour and of a slightly more zoomed view through a window of one of the towers (or at least I assume its taken from a window of one of the towers).


Apologies for how slanted it looks. Not sure if that was the actual sketch or the camera angle but never mind. This also shows just how crazy and twisty the actual wall is. Makes you wonder how long it would be if they could have built it in a vaguely straight line.

As for the actual sketch I’m torn between liking this colour one more than the black and white one yesterday. I think this one has more mistakes in it and is a lot messier than the black and white one (for example the rocks which are the yellow brown bits don’t actually really look like rocks but more like bright yellow foliage) but I still like this.

I’m quite pleased as well with how the distance actually looks like its in the distance. The transition between the green shades could have been a bit better mind you but all told the effect I was trying to copy is there.

So there we have it. Two sketches and I’ve still no idea which one I preferred. Would love to here for you guys and girls if you had a preference for the sketch.

No idea what Ill be drawing tomorrow (though I’ll see if I can find something without a wall lol) but I’m sure it’ll be another monument of sorts.

Till then!