Day 252: Our Front Door

Day 252: Our Front Door

So for the start of this new sketchbook I decided to do something a bit different to what I normally do at the start of a sketchbook which is usually a self portrait, instead opting to do a self portrait of our home in the form of our front door. Much more fitting I think for my new architectural focus to the daily sketching (plus I really didn’t feel like doing a self portrait).



Pretty simple little sketch that just shows the front door and our porch as well as the few plants we actually have in the front garden (the place is a bit of a building site at the moment as far as the gardens are concerned). Came out looking a lot brighter than the real thing so that may have been a bit of wishful thinking on my behalf in the colour choices but hey it looks like our front door which is what matters.

So yes that’s the first sketch of the new book done, hopefully welcoming you into the rest of the sketchbook (ok that was cheesy). Not really much else to say about this but I have day 253 to upload in a minute as well so I’ll see you then.

Till tomorrow (or in a few)!



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