Day 251: Sway Tower (Peterson’s Folly) – UK

Day 251: Sway Tower (Peterson’s Folly) – UK

So for the last image of this current sketchbook I decided to draw a building thats a bit different in the form of Sway Tower, otherwise known as Peterson’s Folly.


Nope I haven’t gone mad don’t worry, the tower really is that tall and in the middle of nowhere. The tower is a building known as a Folly which, as far as I can tell means a tower built for no other reason than aesthetics in the large gardens of the rich manor house owners. They are also usually made to look a lot older than they actually are and can range from castle towers to Roman ruins or Pyramids. This one is just seems to be extravagantly tall.

I really enjoyed drawing it as well. It was really quick to do and has a nice sketchy feel to it. I also for some reason really like the fence running along the bottom of the picture and think my foliage turned out better in this one than it normally does when I try to do a treeline.

Another useful and fun thing that I found out is that the colours seems to blend fairly well when using a piece of screwed up kitchen roll and rubbing it (a tortillon would work just as well I’d imagine, I just have no idea where mine are). The best news though is that the WHSmith watercolour pencils that I use as colouring pencils do indeed come in a 36 piece set so I will have to pick one of them up soon to get more colour range.

Anyway that’s all for this more sensibly timed entry. Join me tomorrow when we start a new sketchbook and more building drawings (because why stop a good thing).

Till tomorrow!



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