Day 249: Clifton Suspension Bridge – UK

Day 249: Cliffton Suspension Bridge – Uk

So for yesterdays sketch I spent some time looking for an interesting building with some heavy shadows in it to draw and settled on this Cliffton Suspension bridge image with some leaves framing it.


Now this was a weird choice as it came more out of the leaves framing the picture rather than the actual subject. Luckily though I also quite liked the look of the bridge as well, designed by Brunel.

Quite happy about the outcome too really. Sure in the picture the far tower looked a lot smaller but nevermind, I think the perspective is still accurate in my sketch, it’d just mean that the bridge was shorter than in real life.

As said above though, I really liked the photo because of how the shadowed leaves in the foreground frame the bridge. I also quite liked drawing the bridge and this was definitely the most successful bridge that I’ve drawn and I’m sure theres more interesting ones out there to draw in the future.

For now though I have today’s sketch to upload in a few minutes so I’ll leave you with the bridge.

Till tomorrow (or in this case a few minutes)!


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