Day 243: Big Ben Clocktower – London

Day 243: Big Ben Clocktower – London

Decided to draw the Big Ben Clocktower today (Big Ben isn’t actually the name of the tower but rather the bell inside it). Choose a rather common view of it to draw from a  random google photo including a famous English red phone box as well.


Really glad that I did choose to draw it as well as the drawing came out really nicely. Initially I decided to draw it to see if I could as I have tried and failed several times in the past, mainly due to a lack of understanding when it came to perspective and just not having any experience with drawing.

This time however I really like how it came out, probably going as far as to say its one of the best daily sketches I’ve done. I especially love how well the heavy lining has really made the tower and telephone pop out.I also quite like the thin lined details as they help to frame the main subjects.

The only bit that didn’t go as I meant with the sketch was wanting to do a small quick sketch but I think I can cope with the outcome of this much more time consuming and detailed sketch.

Anyway, no idea what I’m doing tomorrow for a sketch. Might try for somewhere else in London but who knows. So as usual….

Till tomorrow!


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