Day 239: Notting Hill Bookshop – London

Day 239: Notting Hill Bookshop – London

So for today I decided to try and re draw a image I drew several years ago when I first started getting into drawing. A image of the Notting Hill Bookshop with a car parked out front.

Here’s the one I did several years ago now (sorry its a link:)

Old Notting Hill Bookshop drawing

And today’s one:


So apparently over several years I haven’t actually improved all that much. I mean without sounding too full of myself I always thought that the original one turned out as one of my better sketches from back then and the new one is a lot cleaner in its lines (and probably didn’t take half as long as the old one), but strangely enough there isn’t all that much difference.

Must have just really liked the car and shop front back then and now I suppose. I do prefer the newer one and the cleaner lines though which is good and there is some improvement even if it isn’t startlingly obvious.

Anyway that’s all for today. Again I’m not sure what I’m going to draw tomorrow. I’m still open for ideas regarding buildings or places if any of you guys and girls have some but for now I hope you like today’s sketch and as usual……

Till tomorrow!



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