Day 233: Exeter St Davids transfer Shed – Exeter

Day 233: Exeter St Davids Transfer Shed – Exeter

So today’s sketch continues the theme of railways with a sketch of the old transfer shed at Exeter St Davids.


Not a lot to say about this one today I’m afraid as, apart form the title of the Google image stating that the shed is from 1860 I don’t know anything about it. In fact I’m not even sure I’ve actually passed the shed before as I normally got off the train at Exeter central if I used it, which is the stop before this one. Still I loved the look of the arches on the old shed so decided to sketch it for today.

Didn’t take too long either which was good as little one was beginning to stir for his feed which kind of makes drawing difficult but I still really like how it came out even if, like a lot of my work seems to have, I’ve curved the perspective. Still at least its curved throughout which I think makes it easier on the eyes.

Anyway hope you all like this old shed. I’ve got no idea once again what I’, sketching tomorrow so as usual….

Till tomorrow!


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