Day 255: Saint Winifred Church – Branscombe

Day 255: Saint Winifred Church – Branscombe

Another church for today to add to my growing collection of church sketches. This time were in Branscombe which, I think I’m correct in saying is the longest village in the country (or at least that’s what I have been told).


Much like the rest of Branscombe the church is really picturesque and has some nice views of the surrounding valley. If only getting into and out of Branscombe wasn’t such an ordeal it would be even nicer still, not much the Church can do about that.

Quite like the outcome of the drawing as well despite it looking a fair bit different to my latest sketches. This one seems to have an old time feel to it, probably down to all the straight crosshatching lines going in the same direction which I can’t tell if it’s a good or a bad thing. Mind you I kind of like the outcome so I suppose I don’t think its that much of a bad thing.

I’m especially fond of the treeline in the background as I usually struggle to not make them look like one large messy blog and this time it does seem to have some actual definable tree rows in it which is nice. There is a part of me though that wishes that I had left this as a black and white sketch rather than adding colour but oh well, as I said I still like it.

Anyway that’s us caught up again so I’ll leave you with the churches and see you tomorrow (hopefully). No idea what I’ll be drawing, may even continue with the local churches, who knows. So as usual, I hope you all liked these sketches and…..

Till tomorrow!


Day 254: St Augustine Catholic Church – Seaton

Day 254: St Augustine Catholic Church – Seaton

Just another one of the several churches that can be found in Seaton today, from a photo I took on my way home from work.


No special reason as to why I wanted to draw this church, just that I liked the look of it sitting next to what I presume (based on the very similar architectural styles) is the Catholic equivalent of a vicarage. These striking red buildings stand out quite well amongst the other houses around it though isn’t so stand out that it seems ugly.

Other than that theres not much else to say about the buildings. The drawing turned out well though the colours are a bit strong and the pillars on the side of the church aren’t entirely accurate but nevermind it didn’t come out badly.

Anyway I have another sketch from today to upload in a few minutes so I’ll leave it here and  be back in a few.

Till tomorrow (or once again, a few minutes)!


Day 253: The Charles Bridge – Prague

Day 253: The Charles Bridge Prague

So, while trying to find something interesting to draw for today’s sketch my wife suggested I drew something from Prague and a quick search brought up this lovely image of The Charles Bridge, probably the cities most iconic landmark (or at least 1 of the top 3).


Really happy with how this came out though I think some of the happiness may have been down to what Prague means to us. Being the first place that me and my wife went abroad together and that it was our honeymoon meant that I’ll always have a fondness for this city. It does also help that the city is really pretty as well with a large number of old buildings and a whole load of churches and spires.

This bridge above was used a lot in our honeymoon on account of us being on the old town side of the river and therefore, we had to cross it several times a day to get into the actual main part of the city itself. Along it there were always a tonne of artists and performers which inspired me with their lovely work and the views form the bridge, both up and down the river as well as all the architecture around it were always lovely.

Seeing the boat in the picture kind of makes me wish that we’d found a boat ride while there as I would imagine that it would have been a lovely take on the city but hey, we hope to go back someday so we can always do it then.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s sketch. I might try and stay in Prague tomorrow and draw some of the other places that we visited but who knows. So, as usual….

Till tomorrow!

Day 252: Our Front Door

Day 252: Our Front Door

So for the start of this new sketchbook I decided to do something a bit different to what I normally do at the start of a sketchbook which is usually a self portrait, instead opting to do a self portrait of our home in the form of our front door. Much more fitting I think for my new architectural focus to the daily sketching (plus I really didn’t feel like doing a self portrait).



Pretty simple little sketch that just shows the front door and our porch as well as the few plants we actually have in the front garden (the place is a bit of a building site at the moment as far as the gardens are concerned). Came out looking a lot brighter than the real thing so that may have been a bit of wishful thinking on my behalf in the colour choices but hey it looks like our front door which is what matters.

So yes that’s the first sketch of the new book done, hopefully welcoming you into the rest of the sketchbook (ok that was cheesy). Not really much else to say about this but I have day 253 to upload in a minute as well so I’ll see you then.

Till tomorrow (or in a few)!


Day 251: Sway Tower (Peterson’s Folly) – UK

Day 251: Sway Tower (Peterson’s Folly) – UK

So for the last image of this current sketchbook I decided to draw a building thats a bit different in the form of Sway Tower, otherwise known as Peterson’s Folly.


Nope I haven’t gone mad don’t worry, the tower really is that tall and in the middle of nowhere. The tower is a building known as a Folly which, as far as I can tell means a tower built for no other reason than aesthetics in the large gardens of the rich manor house owners. They are also usually made to look a lot older than they actually are and can range from castle towers to Roman ruins or Pyramids. This one is just seems to be extravagantly tall.

I really enjoyed drawing it as well. It was really quick to do and has a nice sketchy feel to it. I also for some reason really like the fence running along the bottom of the picture and think my foliage turned out better in this one than it normally does when I try to do a treeline.

Another useful and fun thing that I found out is that the colours seems to blend fairly well when using a piece of screwed up kitchen roll and rubbing it (a tortillon would work just as well I’d imagine, I just have no idea where mine are). The best news though is that the WHSmith watercolour pencils that I use as colouring pencils do indeed come in a 36 piece set so I will have to pick one of them up soon to get more colour range.

Anyway that’s all for this more sensibly timed entry. Join me tomorrow when we start a new sketchbook and more building drawings (because why stop a good thing).

Till tomorrow!


Day 250: 78 South Hill Park – London

Day 250: 78 South Hill Park – London

Firstly thanks for sticking with me and encouraging me throughout the last 250 days of sketching. Its been great fun and I’m definitely not planning on stopping any time soon (I want to get to a year at least) so I hope you all stick around for the foreseeable future.

Secondly, I didn’t realise it was day 250 until I went to put the day on the drawing so I didn’t find anything special to draw, instead we have this interesting looking building at 78 South Hill Park – London.


Quite a funky looking building, what with its framework like architecture, coupled with the interesting though not overly useful windows and gaping holes in the front give the building a strong but interesting look which I liked.

As for the actual drawing I like it. It was a bit fiddly drawing it and some bits were a bit hit and miss while I was drawing them but overall I like it. Looking at the last couple of days though I do think it might be a good idea to try and get a bigger range of colours though, given that I’m using WHSmith watercolourer pencils 24 pack, I’m not sure if they go any bigger.

Anyway not sure what I’ll be drawing tomorrow, it is the last page in my current sketchbook so I’ll have to see if I want to continue the building drawing or change up the subject after tomorrow.

Still I need to sleep between now and then so as usual I hope you all have enjoyed the last 250 days and….

Till tomorrow!


Day 249: Clifton Suspension Bridge – UK

Day 249: Cliffton Suspension Bridge – Uk

So for yesterdays sketch I spent some time looking for an interesting building with some heavy shadows in it to draw and settled on this Cliffton Suspension bridge image with some leaves framing it.


Now this was a weird choice as it came more out of the leaves framing the picture rather than the actual subject. Luckily though I also quite liked the look of the bridge as well, designed by Brunel.

Quite happy about the outcome too really. Sure in the picture the far tower looked a lot smaller but nevermind, I think the perspective is still accurate in my sketch, it’d just mean that the bridge was shorter than in real life.

As said above though, I really liked the photo because of how the shadowed leaves in the foreground frame the bridge. I also quite liked drawing the bridge and this was definitely the most successful bridge that I’ve drawn and I’m sure theres more interesting ones out there to draw in the future.

For now though I have today’s sketch to upload in a few minutes so I’ll leave you with the bridge.

Till tomorrow (or in this case a few minutes)!

Day 248: Greyfriars Ruins – UK

Day 248: Greyfriars Ruins – UK

So for today’s sketch we stayed with the theme of ruins but this time got a bit more modern with this old Greyfriars Abbey (or at least I assume it was  Abbey of some sort. There’s no actual information about the building that I can find other than it being used on the Greyfriars website).


Anyway, whatever the building is, I really liked the shape and look of it and it had the black areas of shadow that I found really interesting on yesterdays Mayan pyramid thing. This one unfortunately didn’t turn out quite as well as yesterdays but its still definitely one of my better sketches. Being fair to myself though this one was also a lot more busy than the one from yesterday which may be why it doesn’t look as striking and some of the shadowed areas confused me a little bit (the one with the actual door for example).

I also think that I need a wider range of colours as its hard to get some of the colours accurate tot he photos though, I’m sure that if I practise with blending and mixing the colours I have I might get something that works for most colours.

Anyway I hope you all like the shift in style that I seem to have done over the last couple of days as I am really liking it and want to try and continue with the style in the future. No idea what I’ll try it on next though so we’ll have to see tomorrow.

Till tomorrow!

Day 247: Chacchoben Ruins

Day 247: Chacchoben Ruins

So having done several drawings of old buildings I decided to do a drawing of a very very old building in the form of this Mayan pyramid.


Definitely one of my favourite drawings (if not maybe my favourite). I’ve no idea about the history of the building only that its a Mayan temple so presumably located somewhere in central or south America and that its pretty old. I was actually mainly drawn to the image photo because of all the heavy shadows and the contrast that the heavy shadows had with the grey pyramid and bright rainforest foliage.

It also helped that the pyramid was actually a interesting shape rather than the sort of pyramids you find in Eqypt which aren’t all that interestingly shaped. I think liking ruins also helped.

Anyway as I said I loved how the drawing came out. My whole love for pen worked really nicely as mostly solid black shadows against the bright colours and the accidental black framing helps with the drawings as well. I also learnt a bit more from this drawing as well in regards to light and how it works on edges which is always a bonus.

Anyway I want to get today’s sketch uploaded as well so were all up to date as I’ve just finished that so I’ll leave you with yesterdays pyramid thing for a few minutes and as usual….

Till tomorrow (or a few minutes whichever comes first)!