Day 213: Rougemont Castle Ruins – Exeter

Day 213: Rougemont Castle Ruins – Exter

So continuing on the theme of the getting older with each post today we have a sketch of the old castle ruins in the centre of Exeter (well ok not smack bang in the centre but the walls tend to encompass some of it), In this case of the old gatehouse which is situated next to what used to the be the old County Courthouse.


I really enjoyed this sketch and I think its turned out as the best one in a long time. Again I used the whole biro under drawing with a fineliner outline to try and focus the eye on the subject matter that I want you to look at. My perspective is continuing to get more accurate as well which is always nice as without accurate perspective, not a lot of buildings look pleasing.

The main thing that all these building sketches is doing though is helping me get back into the subject that I enjoy most of all, architecture. When I first started sketching I was always inspired by Stephen Wiltshire and Adebanji Alade, both of which have a lot of architectural drawings in their portfolios so to get back to doing them myself is quite exciting (not that I’ll ever get anywhere near their skill level but I can still give it a go!).

So, I hope you all don’t mind my current obsession with Exeter. If its beginning to get a bit annoying don’t worry! It’s not that big a city so there’s only so much I can draw before I run out of subject matter. On the other hand if you lot have anything you’d like me to try and sketch then by all means please suggest away.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling on now so as usual…..

Till tomorrow!


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