Day 225: Seaton Town Hall – Seaton

Day 225: Seaton Town Hall – Seaton.

So another sketch from Seaton today in the form of the Town Hall, situated at the top of what counts as the main street it has a rather pleasant (in my opinion), but not overly loud fa├žade and therefore, was today’s subject for the sketch.


Now I’m not sure how old the building is (although I think it used to be a cinema) but I know its been here for as long as I’ve lived in the area. The sketch turned out pretty well as well though it could have been neater and the surrounding objects are a bit too messy in places but still, the actual details in the architecture are there.

Anyway that’s all for today’s sketch. I’ll try and do better than I have been lately at keeping up with the blogging (don’t worry though I’ve made sure I’ve done a sketch a day, just not always blogged it). So as usual…..

Till tomorrow!


Day 224: Seaton Tramway Station – Seaton

Day 224: Seaton Tramway Station – Seaton

Right so apologise for the whole day late entry blog again. I had a 6am start today and have one tomorrow but will quickly catch us back up to speed with yesterday’s sketch of the local Tram’s Seaton station.


Now unlike a lot of tramways in the world this one is purely a tourist attraction and uses a lot of much older style trams from various old tramways around the country (you may recall me doing a sketch specifically of a tram several weeks ago, that’s the style of trams you’ll find here). Running from Colyton to Seaton and back again (mainly because there isn’t a whole lot to do in Colyton and the actual station is quite far outside the town centre, this makes a nice little trip if your visiting the area (though relatively expensive so it probably wont be a regular attraction to visit). The actual track I’m pretty sure uses the old railway that used to service Seaton, with what used to be the station, currently the tram shed alongside the river.

Anyway the sketch was pretty hectic to do with a lot of detiails but I think I managed to capture the building and its style. The actual shape though is a bit off but given that I got the aforementioned details and style I’m not to worried about it.

Anyway, seeing as these are meant to be quick entries lets move onto the next one.

Till tomorrow (or rather in several minutes!)

Day 223: Jubilee Clock Tower – Seaton

Day 223: Jubilee Clock Tower – Seaton

Well today’s sketch, as I said it probably would be yesterday takes place in Seaton (well ok it actually took place in my chair in the front room but the subject is in Seaton) in the form of the Jubilee Clock Tower.


Located at the top of the Jubilee gardens in the middle of the town this clock tower was built in 1887 to mark the jubilee of Queen Victoria. This is one of the more prominent landmarks in Seaton and played a rather dubious part of my teenage years as it was a pretty good spot to drink at. No idea if it still is as I haven’t drunk there for the past 8 or so years (god that makes me feel old).

Anyway the actual sketch is a lot brighter than what were used to lately on the blog what with all the bright coloured pencil marks on it. I’ve again tried to make the subject stand out with the use of some more solid outlining though, as you’ve probably noticed my composition may have been slightly off with the top of the tower having been cut off but oh well, I still like the sketch (though I’m not entirely sold on the overly bright colours, will have to experiment a bit more).

Anyway that’s all for today so I hope you like the clock tower and as usual….

Till tomorrow!

Day 222: Seaton Jurassic – Seaton

Day 222: Seaton Jurassic – Seaton

Well today I decided to go back to the building sketching with the newest building in my local town of Seaton, the Seaton Jurassic. This has just opened on Saturday and we plan on hopefully visiting at some point this week. Unfortunately I don’t think that the image that I found on google is completely up to date but it shows the complete building.


Pretty standard buildings in the form of these three staggered buildings and a courtyard out the front though the design looks nice and matches the large Tesco next door. Hopefully it’ll help bring some life back into the town as well as at the moment its mostly just retirement homes and a quiet town centre.

As for the sketch I’m very happy with it. As you can see I added some colour as well which helps the sketch pop with the pen sketch background and I might try and do some more in the future with colour. The perspective in this came out really well as well which is nice and hopefully will be something I can get consistent at.

Anyway that’s all for today’s sketch. Will be back tomorrow with another sketch from Seaton probably so as usual….

Till tomorrow!

Day 221: Easter Egg!

Day 221: Easter Egg!

So firstly Happy Easter everyone, hope you all had a lovely day!

So obviously a good choice of subject for today would be a Easter Egg so, not wanting to disappoint, here’s a Easter Egg.


So, given that a whole egg would have been boring, I smashed one in half and decided to draw the resulting mess instead (I also wanted to eat some so smashing it made that easier.). I’m also really happy with how it came out which is nice as I didn’t think I’d get the depth in it.

One thing I may do is go back to doing some of the colour drawings, though I’m not to sure so will have to see. I’m also not to sure where I put the coloured pens which might make coloured pictures hard but such is life.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Easter and haven’t made yourselves too ill with the eggs you’ve got!

Till tomorrow!

Day 220: Old Post Box

Day 220: Old Post Box

Right so today’s sketch was a bit more random and really simple compared to what I have been doing lately in the form of this post box.


Yup, as I said really simple. It came out pretty well given how long I took over it though which is nice but other than that there’s not really a whole lot to actually say about this sketch.

As for what I’m planning to sketch now that I’ve run out of landmarks in Axmouth I think i may move over in Seaton. They’ve just had a new tourist attraction open so that might be interesting to sketch, however it is now officially Easter so expect a egg or something tomorrow!

Happy Easter!

Till tomorrow!

Day 219: Axmouth harbour – Axmouth

Day 219: Axmouth Harbour – Axmouth

So for yesterdays sketch (apologise once again for not uploading it yesterday, had a 6am start and was too tired come late last night) I decided to do the one last feature of the village I grew up and now once again live in and that’s its harbour, which, ironically enough, is actually attached to the local town of Seaton and a mile away from the actual village.


Its also not that much of a harbour really, just some small fishing and sailing boats along with a couple of houses and small cafe and fishing shop along the side of it (the small buildings you can see in the centre of the sketch). Still it makes for quite a pleasant little walk down alongside them and out onto Axmouth Beach if you want to kill half and hour.

As for the sketch I’m actually really happy with how it came out which surprised me as I hated it throughout the actual process of drawing it and didn’t think it would work out at all in the end. I especially think that the foliage on top of the field worked out a lot better than the foliage I have been doing and I tried to get the sky in. Not sure it worked all that well but still I enjoyed the outcome of the sketch.

Anyway I have today’s sketch done and just about to be posted so……

Till tomorrow! (or rather in a minute!)

Day 218: Axmouth Bridge – Axmouth

Day 218: Axmouth Bridge – Axmouth

Today’s sketch is of what I believe is the oldest concrete bridge in the country and that is the old pedestrian bride that links Axmouth to Seaton (although there is now a tarmaced alternate modern bridge to handle vehicles).


Quite a fun little drawing as well although when I first put some lines in for the bridge I wasn’t too sure that it was going to turn out all that well.

Again the foliage in the background is a bit weird and I need some practise with my water but at least it does kind of look like it. and helps place the bridge as a bridge (even if I have ignored the sky).

Anyway, I’ve got to head off to work so I’ll leave you with the bridge and as usual….

Till tomorrow!

Day 217: Bindon Manor Village Entrance -Axmouth

Day 217: Bindon Manor Village Entrance – Axmouth

So, for today I decided to draw the other grand building in Axmouth in the form of Bindon Manor (the house of the lord and lady of the village). Unfortunately there aren’t any images of it on-line that I could find so instead I drew the driveway entrance to the place, if approaching from the top of the village.


Rather messy turn out for this one though it does show the driveway entrance quite well and despite my reservations you can mostly make out the different layers of trees in the sketch.

Sketching trees though is hard and definitely something that I need practise at in the future. Trying to get different layers and textures is difficult for me though I think this is probably one of my better attempts at it (hell that Willow tree on the right does actually look like a Willow tree). The actual drive turned out a lot less messy than the road in the previous post though so that’s a bonus and I’m still liking the bold subject matter outlines that I’ve been using.

Anyway that’s enough of my jabbering for one day, I’m not at all sure what I’ll be drawing tomorrow so we’ll have to see in that regards. So as usual…..

Till tomorrow!