Day 193: Octavia

Day 193: Octavia

So today’s sketch is another portrait of a TV character this time Octavia from the TV series The 100.


Again I’m really happy with how this came out. The speed that it took to draw it is getting shorter as well which is one of the main reasons that I started the blog so a continued speed decrease and (hopefully) increased sketch accuracy is definitely welcomed.

I’ve also grown to like combining the different types of pen. Although originally I didn’t use fine liners as I thought they would overpower the ballpoint, I’ve come to like that the ballpoint can give you a decent range of tones that the fine liner compliments with its hard blacks.

I’m still umming and arring about framing the sketches though. On the one hand I like the encloses it but on the other hand I think it makes it look like I’m trying to hard to show a finished piece. I think I’ll try doing a couple without the borders and\ see which one we prefer. Anyway as usual…

Till tomorrow!


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