Day 181: Peter Dinklage

Day 181: Peter Dinklage

So, as the title suggests today’s sketch is going to be of the actor peter Dinklage (ignore the fact that I spelt his name wrong on the sketch. I should really have looked it up rather than guessing it)


Having just watched Pixels that my wife got me as a belated birthday present I decided to try and draw him (The film, despite what i first thought wasn’t actually that bad. I mean sure it wasn’t brilliant but then again it is a Adam Sandler film and therefore I knew it was going to be stupid from the get go.and had some funny moments so was a good way to spend a few hours with the wife. Also little one stayed quiet throughout the entire film which was amazing of him,). So after finding the  most interesting picture of him that I could on Google I decided to see how quickly I could sketch him.

Fast forward about 30 or so minutes and this is the sketch above. Now I know it’s not a masterpiece but I think you can easily tell who it’s meant to be a drawing of (despite the facial expression. I think he’s accepting some sort of award or something). and that the main thing. I’m also happy with how the time it takes me to do each picture is decreasing while they seem to slowly be getting more accurate which is a nice thing.

Anyway tomorrow pretty much marks the half way mark of a year of sketching and and such i think i might try and do another self portrait, this time with my son to mark the occasion. Still we all know how well planned things usually go so we’ll have to wait and see.

Till tomorrow!


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