Day 194: Alfred

Day 194: Alfred

So today I decided to draw Alfred, from Gotham, portrayed by Sean Pewtree.


Decided to draw him after we watched another episode of the series today and I decided I quite like the way he’s portrayed in the series (not that I don’t like him being played by Michael Caine, its just that this one seems a bit more badass.) with his rough justice attitude and strong caring for the young Bruce.

Anyway, this was another fast drawing that I quite like the outcome of. I’ve managed to unintentionally make it look more cartoony than the actual actors face but I think its still pretty recognisable as him. I also forgot about the whole trying stuff without a background right up until half way through drawing the box, then, because its batman related and therefore kinda dark I decided to just do the background block black. I will have to try and remember for tomorrow.

Till tomorrow!


Day 193: Octavia

Day 193: Octavia

So today’s sketch is another portraitĀ of a TV character this time Octavia from the TV series The 100.


Again I’m really happy with how this came out. The speed that it took to draw it is getting shorter as well which is one of the main reasons that I started the blog so a continued speed decrease and (hopefully) increased sketch accuracy is definitely welcomed.

I’ve also grown to like combining the different types of pen. Although originally I didn’t use fine liners as I thought they would overpower the ballpoint, I’ve come to like that the ballpoint can give you a decent range of tones that the fine liner compliments with its hard blacks.

I’m still umming and arring about framing the sketches though. On the one hand I like the encloses it but on the other hand I think it makes it look like I’m trying to hard to show a finished piece. I think I’ll try doing a couple without the borders and\ see which one we prefer. Anyway as usual…

Till tomorrow!

Day 192: David Bowie

Day 192: David Bowie

So today’s sketch is of the late David Bowie. Now I’ve never really been a fan (more on account of just having never really taken the time to his music rather than not actually liking him), however, we’ve found out that Space Oddity and Starman seem to calm down our little one when he’s grumpy so are rather grateful to Mr Bowie for that.


This was a pretty fun drawing to do as well and was done on a time limit, which I think the new sort of style I’m adopting really helped to make sure that it was done on time. I think it also means that I’m getting quicker with the drawings which is generally a good thing.

I mean sure there’s bit that I could probably have done a bit better if I had taken more time over it but it probably wouldn’t have had the sketchy outcome that I’ve grown fond of if I had taken time over it (plus I’m doing a stippled portrait of him as well which is taking a hell of a lot longer to do and will hopefully be more accurate in the end).

Another plus of this particular subject is that I have tried it before several times with no luck whatsoever in actually capturing a likeness of any kind to him so, the fact that this, flawed as it may be, does look like him shows improvement in general.

Anyway now that I’ve made up for the short post from earlier I’ll leave you all in peace so, as usual……

Till tomorrow!

Day 191: Fish Mooney

Day 191: Fish Mooney.

First, apologies for not getting this uploaded yesterday. I was a bit knackered after finishing the drawing. Anyway better late than never so here we go. Decided to draw another of the cast of Gotham, this time the female villain Fish Mooney.


Another quick sketchy drawing but this time without the full blocked in background. As you can probably tell I screwed up a little bit with the eyes but other than that I quite like how it turned out despite that.

Anyway I’m going to have to cut this short and leave this as a small blog for today as I have to get to work so will be back later with todays sketch that I’ve already fisniehd.

Till tommorrow (later)

Day 190: Billy Bones

Day 190: Billy Bones

So another day, another portrait of a random tv star, this time the character Billy Bones from the series Black Sails, which we’ve just finished the second series of.


Again this was a quick messy sketch and one that I nearly didn’t think was going to look at good at all. Especially considering that I managed to completely screw up his nose at first making it a lot shorter than it actually is, luckily though as the tone built up in the sketch I was able to correct it making it look a lot more like Billy than it did originally.

This was also done with a combination of ballpoint and fine liner and I quite like how they work together with the fine liner providing the blacks and the ballpoint providing the other tones throughout the drawing. I’m also liking the quick messy look of this and Castro sketch as they give it a more drawn look than the Ghandi one.

Anyway that is all for today, I hope you like the sketch and aren’t getting bored of these random portraits I seem to have taken up doing.

Till tomorrow!

Day 189: Fidel Castro

Day 189: Fidel Castro

So today I did a drawing inspired by my other hobby and that’s computer games, namely strategy/simulation games and my recent playing of Tropico 5.


With the sketch inspired by the fact that you play a island dictator an obvious sketch choice was Fidel Castro. Fortunately/Unfortunately, depending on how you viewed yesterdays drawing this turned out to be just a sketch of Fidel Castro and not some crazy mash up (though I may try some more of them in the future as the outcome was pretty interesting).

Pretty happy with how it turned out as well, especially where the actual way its draw is concerned. It was a really fast way of drawing and looks controlled but messy which I like. As for the border and marker background I’m not sure if they will stay. I think I’ll try alternating ones with and without to see which one I prefer.

As for the actual drawing accuracy it’s probably a lot closer than most of the ones I’ve done lately. I know the face is slightly squished but I hope its still pretty recognisable as him. Anyway that’s all for today. If you guys and girls have any suggestions for people for me to draw them please go ahead and leave them in a comment.

Till tomorrow!

Day 188: When Hopkins met Barlow

Day 188: When Hopkins met Barlow

So today was a bit of a weird one. The basic premise was that I was going to draw a picture of Sir Anthony Hopkins. This was going well up until the point that I realised that I’d made his face a bit too long. Still I finished up the drawing and it came out like this.


At which point I realised that it kind of looked like a cross between Anthony Hopkins and Gary Barlow hence the name.Still I quite like how it turned out despite straying form the original idea a little bit, kind of looks like what I would imagine Gary Barlow would look like if he had several rather heavy nights.

You can probably also see that I gave up on the whole making sure I only do sketches thing as this took over and hour, still as long as I’m practising drawing it doesn’t really matter too much in the long run how long they take me.

Anyway that’s all for today so as usual…..

Till tomorrow!

Day 187: Edward Nygma

Day 187: Edward Nygma

So without any real \idea for what to draw today I decided to add another character from Gotham to the mix, this time Edward Nygma.


Not sure exactly which character this guy is but he plays a forensic scientist in the show and there’s rumours flying around that he could end up being several of the batman villains (Joker, The Riddler etc) but I find his character interesting.

As for the rest of the drawing I was in a bit of a rush this evening as I didn’t get around to starting the drawing till 11:15. I think you can probably tell that I was rushed with it but I quit like how it came out, seems to have more of a comic look to it than the rest of my drawings and definitely looks more like the actual person than yesterdays did.

I really should aim for this sort of drawing speed in the future as well as normally I end up getting carried away and spending several hours on a sketch which isn’t really the point of a sketch.

Anyway we’ll have to see if I can be a bit more restrained from tomorrow as that’s all for today.

Till tomorrow!

Day 186: Liam Neeson

Day 186: Liam Neeson

So, we watched Taken 2 today which was actually a pretty good film. So obviously it seemed perfectly sensible to draw Liam Neeson afterwards.


So yes, as you can probably see this wasn’t the best drawing that I’ve done. I mean sure it looks like a person, in fact it looks quite a lot like my Uncle but it doesn’t really look a lot like Liam Neeson which, as its meant to be a portrait of him isn’t exactly a brilliant thing.

Still I’m sure it’ll have taught me something in the long run (mainly that I need to actually measure out proportion and size before adding details) which is definitely the main thing behind these sketches. Still there’s not exactly much more I have to say today regarding this so I’ll just let you look at my Uncle/Attempted Liam Neeson.

Till tomorrow!