Day 158: Page boy part one

Day 158: Page boy part one

So today I decided to do a drawing from a photo rather than from direct observation seeing as without drawing everything in my house the remaining stuff to draw would be a bit mundane. As such I’ve decided to draw the two page boys we had for our wedding starting with this one.


Pretty happy with how this turned out to be honest. There’s parts of the rendering which I wish was a bit cleaner but other than that the drawing turned out really well. I did manage to make him look a bit older than he looked in the photo but he’s still recognisable as himself.

There’s not much more to say about the actual drawing and I plan on getting the second page boy done tomorrow. I think I may also do more drawings from photo’s that have something to do with me as I like drawing people and this will give me a lot more material to draw from.

Anyway that’s all for today so as usual….

Till tomorrow!


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