Day 150: Moomin!

Day 150: Moomin!

Well we’ve reached day 150 it would seem. Not too bad given that my original goal was a 5th of this at a month worth of sketches. Still onwards and upwards (not sure that makes much sense but you get the drift). I also happened to finish another sketchbook which takes the number of complete sketchbooks up to 3. Unfortunately however I haven’t had a lot of time to actually get the 150th drawing done today so opted for something that would be quick to do in the form of this Moomin that my parents in law bought for our baby to be (less than 3 weeks now!).


Weirdly enough this was another one of them drawings where I spent the entire time thinking that it really wouldn’t turn out any good at all (which would have been annoying for the 150th drawing). Luckily however this turned out to not be the case and I ended up with a sketch that I was happy to finish the book on. Apologise for the fact that its Sunday while I’m now uploading this by the way, the fire wouldn’t light so didn’t get round to it till gone 11pm.

Still I hope you all like the drawing anyway. I’m definitely liking these coloured biros too, definitely nice to get some colour into the daily sketching as the black and a white, although my favoured style, did get a bit monotonous at times.

Anyway before this gets any later before its posted I’ll see you tomorrow with a new  sketchbook. Here’s to the next goal of 6 months!

Till tomorrow!


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