Day 149: Knife block!

Day 149: Knife block!

So today I decided to draw some more of the useful kitchen utensils in the form of the new Sabatier  (I think I may have spelt that wrong, not sure, its that famous knife brand) knife block that I got for Christmas as my 5 o’clock present (don’t ask, my parents are a bit mental at Christmas time).


Definitely enjoyed this sketch a lot more than the last couple that I have done and am really pleased with how the knifes have turned out (even though the handles are a bit longer in real life). The sketch was really quick to do as well which surprised me and I don’t think the speed compromised the final image in any serious way.

I also liked how messy the colours came out in this one whilst still looking neat enough to represent the actual subject. I just really like the sketchy look that sketches have, I just find them generally more interesting to look at than finished polished works (not that I don’t appreciate them, I just prefer this style.

Anyway that’s all for today’s drawing and words of, ummmm wisdom might be pushing it. Hope you like the knifes and as always….

Till tomorrow

EDIT: My apologise. I appeared to not have actually hit the post button with this one. NO worries though its all in order now!


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