Day 143: An apple a day!

Day 143: An apple a day!

Just a quick sketch today with the emphasise on capturing colour above anything else. For this I choose a yellow/red apple on a slate place coaster.


Really happy with this one as the colours are quite a lot like the actual ones on the apple which is what i aimed to achieve. It’s also interesting building up the different layers of colour to create new colours and textures for the subject and how the slight changes in technique (such as curving the hatching to follow the shape of the apple rather than the usual straight hatching) can improve on the finished image.

One of the things that I’m liking about the whole sketchiness of the drawings is that they look like drawings. This may sound stupid but I’ve never been the biggest fan of the hyper-realistic drawings that look like photos. I mean I appreciate the work and time and skill that have gone into them, they just don’t appeal to me artistically. I’d rather look at something that I can tell has been drawn or painted and as such, I like the pen strokes being visible but still representing the subject well.

So there we go, an apple and some of my thoughts on art. Now I need to go do something brainless before I start to think intellectually. I hear its bad for your health!

Till tomorrow!


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