Day 142: Wife Sketch

Day 142: Wife Sketch

So today my wife had taken a nap on the sofa so I took my chance to draw something  a bit different and get a portrait sketch of her.


Quite happy with how this turned out as I’ve really struggled in the past to actually draw a decent likeness of my wife. There are parts though that are slightly off and a couple of mistakes (such as the edges of her mouth (also she isn’t wearing lipstick despite what my colour choice would suggest)) but both me and my wife like the outcome which is the main thing.

This sketch did also highlight several things for me as well when it comes to sketching none still life and in regards to the medium.

The first is that my wife got up and moved just as I started to lay down some colour (I always start with a pencil under drawing) and seeing as she didn’t know that I was drawing her this meant that she moved tot he other side of the sofa and went back to sleep there meaning that I had to do all the colour from memory and guess work. Still it was easy enough to get the colours with the exception of the skin, which also leads me to my second point.

I’m really not sure how your meant to create realistic skin tones with the colours that I have. I think this is mostly just a lack of experience with the medium and will hopefully be something that I can get round with a  bit more experimentation or research.

Anyway the main thing is that we both liked the outcome and she was happy for me to post it here to show you guys, which, I hope you all like as well, with my rare attempts at a portrait. So as usual…..

Till tomorrow!


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