Day 165: Wrenching Away

Day 165: Wrenching away

SO for today’s sketch I had to find something simple I could draw without any effort as I’m insanely tired right now.


So this is what that turned out to be. Not too bad for a 5 minute sketch in my opinion (and also shows how I feel having to leave my wife and newborn in a hospital while I have to come home!). Quite surprised that I managed to get as many shadows in as I did even though everything is far from accurate.

Anyway before i pass out here’s to fatherhood and my attempts to continue sketching!

Till tomorrow!


Day 164: Maybe a shining light at the end of the tunnel?

Day 164: Maybe a shining light at the end of the tunnel?

So, firstly apologise for not posting this yesterday but there’s a very good reason why I didn’t which is, that I’m now a super proud dad of a bouncing little boy!

Unfortunately the journey there wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for me or my wife. This is also the reason why these two posts will be pretty short as I’m shattered (currently at 37 hours with no sleep). Anyway sitting in a hospital ward yesterday in the, pretty much darkness, I decided to draw the stretchy light thing that didn’t seem to work (the light, not the sketch).sketchingdailyDAY164.jpg

Despite not really being able to see what i was doing while drawing this I think its pretty good interpretation of it in pen. Now as said above I really am running on reserves here so I’m not sure I have much else to say so as usual……

Till tomorrow !(or today in this case)

Day 163: Baby blanket

Day 163: Baby blanket

So not much news today on the baby front. Just a wife with irregular contractions (42 hours of labour so far) and a lot of pain. As such I’ve decided to do another baby themed drawing today with the subject being a baby blanket that my Gran knitted for me as a baby and which will be given to our baby when its born.


A nice quick sketch today as I got a bit side tracked with Fallout 4  and trying to build a settlement and helping the wife with the contractions. Still for a quick drawing it came out really nice, looking a lot more like a blanket than I though it would when I started drawing it. I’m also definitely sure that this bic fine biro is a lot easier to use than the Parker ballpoint pen (which surprises me) and as such will be something I continue to use in the future.

So that’s all for today. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow we may have a little bundle of (perpetually screaming) joy.

Till tomorrow!

Day 162: Interrupted

Day 162: Interrupted 

So I decided after trying to draw with the Parker pen that the basic bic biro was the best weapon of choice (in fine format). As such I decided to just draw that as we had some rather exciting developments yesterday (well exciting for me, maybe not so much for my wife).


This was as far as I got with the sketch before we had to go into hospital. You see my wife has currently been in labour for 32 hours at the moment. This is why its taken me until now to actually upload the damn blog post lol.

As for the drawing I really like it despite having not completely finished it. I’m pretty sure it foes a fairly good job or looking like a biro and that’s the main thing.

As for the next few posts their likely to be a bit random on account of us having a baby any day now (which is going to be awesome!) so my apologies for that though I will definitely try and get a sketch done a day.

Till tomorrow (or some time in the future)!

Day 161: Brother Sketch.

Day 161: Brother Sketch.

So today i decided to try and kill several birds with one stone. See I’ve got back into ballpoint drawing and wanted to try and find a decent ballpoint for drawing with that I could easily stick with. I also wanted to try and get a portrait of my brother done correctly as I haven’t been able to do so yet. As such I decided to try and do this portrait with a refillable Parker ballpoint pen.


Pretty happy with the result as it looks more like my brother than any of my portraits look like me. Still the face is a bit long but hey, you can still see its him. Oh it may also have been intended to include his girlfriend but I may have drawn my brothers head a bit too big to have included them both. Oh well live and learn.

I also found out that the pen was rather awkward to use. Its pretty hard to get a consistent layer down at any sort of angle to it. I may just be a bit unpractised with it but then again I find the disposable bics a lot easier to use with more fluid ink flow at different angles.

So anyway, other than the pen not working out I’ve had a good day of drawing. Got a drawing of Walter Whitey (is that the guys name from Breaking Bad?) on the go as well so will show you that when its done. Anyway, as usual…..

Till tomorrow

Day 160: Ummmmmm Donuts!

Day 160: Ummmmmmm Donuts!

So today was a bit of a grab something and draw day which turned out really well with this plate and some hastily (though of course artistically arranged donuts that I picked up from work).


As I said above I really liked this drawing and how it turned out, especially the bag in the background and the plastic acetate thing that actually looks like plastic (or at least I think it does).

Generally I just really like this sketch and although I know I’ve said it before but I like the sketchiness of using the ballpoint pens .

However I don’t really have much more to say about it so I’ll just let you all get hungry looking at donuts unless you don’t like donuts in which case, my bad.

Till tomorrow!

Day 159: Page boy part two

Day 159: Page boy part two

So, today’s drawing is going to be the other page boy that we had at our wedding.


Again I really enjoyed doing this drawing, much more than the usual still life that I do. Definitely think that portraits are more my interest than still life (though I would like to try and do more landscapes and architecture)

Again this one took me a long while to do though, especially getting the face right. It seems that if I know the subject that drawing it is a lot harder than if I pick a famous person or a random person to draw. Don’t know if this is a usual thing or just me but oh well, I seem to get there in the end.

The crease in the trousers on this one looks a bit awkward as well but other than that, as I said, I really like it. Anyway there’s not much more to say about the drawing or much else at the moment. I definitely think I’m going to try and draw more of these portraits.

Till tomorrow!

Day 158: Page boy part one

Day 158: Page boy part one

So today I decided to do a drawing from a photo rather than from direct observation seeing as without drawing everything in my house the remaining stuff to draw would be a bit mundane. As such I’ve decided to draw the two page boys we had for our wedding starting with this one.


Pretty happy with how this turned out to be honest. There’s parts of the rendering which I wish was a bit cleaner but other than that the drawing turned out really well. I did manage to make him look a bit older than he looked in the photo but he’s still recognisable as himself.

There’s not much more to say about the actual drawing and I plan on getting the second page boy done tomorrow. I think I may also do more drawings from photo’s that have something to do with me as I like drawing people and this will give me a lot more material to draw from.

Anyway that’s all for today so as usual….

Till tomorrow!

Day 157: Any day now!

Day 157: Any day now!

So, what with having mentioned many times that my wife is heavily pregnant and were expecting our baby to come any day now, and with all the sketches of random baby stuff that I’ve done, we realised that I haven’t actually sketched my wife being pregnant which would be a nice thing to do as a memento and to show the kid in a few years as well as practise drawing an interesting shape. As such here is my pregnant wife.


Now I really like the outcome of this and so does my wife but god was it a pain getting there as I struggled for ages to get the face done. Interestingly enough it would seem that drawing the entire form first makes it a lot easier to get the details needed for the piece down correctly rather than what I was trying to do originally, which was start with sketching out the whole face in pencil.

This was a real struggle though I’m not entirely sure why, maybe it was due to not having the rest of the shape down to relate the details to but oh well at least i know now for next time. Oh and also, apparently its quite hard to get a accurate looking face when you draw the face at an angle and the features not at an angle (yes I did this about 4 times before I realised what I was doing wrong).

Anyway I finally got there and managed to actually draw my 38 week pregnant (yes she really is that small at 38 weeks, I think the baby is a bit squashed in there by now) in a satisfying and accurate way. Now originally I was going to to do this in black and white but my wife wanted the colours added which I’m glad about in the end. The only thing is that I really need to learn how to mix up a white skin tone colour with bios. Still if I actually look for a tutorial I’m sure it can’t eb that hard.

Anyway my apologies for this not being posted until Sunday (though in my defense it is very very early on Sunday morning, here is my pregnant wife in all her messy sektchiness.

Till tommorow!