Day 130: Ferrero

Day 130: Ferrero

So today was another case of a busy (or rather lazy) day in which I left the sketch to late on in the day. Luckily finding something small but interesting to draw was easy enough in something we probably all have a lot of at the moment: Chocolate, or more specifically in this case a Ferrero Rocher.


Really enjoyed doing this one as well as the foil that they come wrapped in provided a interesting and varied texture with a lot of different values in it to capture. Which, although obviously not as varied in tone as the real thing I think I may have got the basic tones down well enough to show that its foil and hopefully with the help of the case that its a Ferrero Rocher.

I also added the faded black border that I had been using in my sketches a little while ago as I think that for the simple still life subjects it helps bring them out a bit more. and gives them more definition.

Anyway, I’ve apparently got to go and take care of some raiders for someone in Fallout 4 so I hope you all enjoy the chocolate and aren’t quite sick of the sight of it yet!

Till tomorrow!


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