Day 126: Meerkat!

Day 126: Meerkat!

Right, another really quick upload tonight as I’m literally falling asleep here at the moment (and given that I doubt I’ll get a hell of a lot of sleep tomorrow night I want to at least try and get some tonight). Anyway today we’ve been home for literally the last 49 minutes from 5:40 this morning so it was a nice quick, pick up something and sketch it drawing today in the form of a stress toy Meerkat head thing.


Now this was slightly different in that I choose to draw it mainly because of the dark shadow that it cast on the black matt hat it was sat on (as you can hopefully see in the above sketch). Honestly I would have liked to have spent more time on the sketch but if I wanted to get it done today then I didn’t have much choice. Plus its always good to try and do a few quick ones to try and get better at doing accurate speed drawings.

As far as accuracy goes I think I managed to get the shape down pretty well (as basic as it is). The tonal range lets it down a little bit but as mentioned above this was mainly down to time constraints.

Anyway hopefully I’ll have more time to sit down and sketch tomorrow rather than rushing it like today (I’m thinking some stacked presents for Christmas Eve but we’ll have to see), but still I hope you find something you like in this sketch!

Till tomorrow!


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