Day 122: Grandad

Day 122: Grandad

So today we had a small family get together at my uncles which my Grandad could attend and, on the basis that he isn’t able to move around as much as everyone else and is elderly and as such has a interesting face, he made a good subject to draw.

Another way to look at this is that it’s probably a self portrait of me 60 years or so in the future.


This is both pencil and pen drawing with me trying to sketch it as quickly as possible and without having to make my Grandad properly pose for me so getting the same facial pose to get  a complete sketch was hard.

I also didn’t intend to make him look as hard faced as I did and also didn’t mean to make it as close up as I did.

Still overall I like the drawing quite a lot and although it isn’t a picture perfect representation of him its still easily recognisable and was a fun sketch to do. I’ve also come to the conclusion that old people have the most interesting faces to draw and that I need to try and get more portraits and people sketches into the blog

Anyway hope you like it.

Till tomorrow!


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