Day 120: Aftershave

Day 120: Aftershave

So today I saw this bottle of aftershave on the shelf while having a shower and decided to draw. No other reason than that really, just a interesting shape that would be simple to draw with this Wilderness aftershave bottle.


Didn’t take very long to do and came out pretty well as well. As you can see the bottle is a interesting shape, especially the lid which is what drew me to it.

I’ve also learnt with this sketch that when doing circular objects (or probably any object in all honesty) it seems to work better when you start out with some basic shapes rather than just trying to straight our draw the object it seems to work a lot better in making the thing look actually round.

Anyway I can’t really think of what I’m typing at the moment so I’m sorry if this hasn’t made a lot of sense. Still the drawing is nice.

Till tomorrow!


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