Day 118: Coal for the furnace!

Day 118: Coal for the furnace!

Or more specifically smokeless fuel for the furnace. Anyway I needed something quick to sketch today as I didn’t have much time and this old coal scuttle that my parents have given us for our multi fuel stove was sat there full of coal, which I thought made it a interesting and quick subject.


Luckily I think I was right. It definitely was a quick sketch and I think (apart form maybe the bottom of the scuttle) it turned out pretty nicely. I used some pencil in this too to give it some solid shading on top of the cross hatch which definitely improved the look of the coal itself which is my favourite part of the drawing and focuses your eye on it as well which is handy as it the best part.

Anyway I’m happy with the today’s sketch despite not having all that much time to do it and seeing as how I have to be up in not so much time, I’ll leave you all here.

Till tomorrow!


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