Day 113: Hot Stuff!

Day 113: Hot Stuff!

So, although I have already drawn today’s subject a couple of weeks ago I decided to draw it again today with the fire actually lit in it( now that I seem to have got a fire lighting routine down to 10 mins rather than half an hour).


Despite this not being my best drawing ever it actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would o while I was drawing it, seeming to come together while I was working on it. Hopefully you can also all see that I’ve tried to push subject focus with this piece and also the values in the drawing.

Obviously the subject being black probably helped with this whole attempt to push the values even though the highlights aren’t as clean as I would like and the flames don’t look as realistic as I would want them too (mind you its pretty hard to try and draw a still life of a lit fire on account of the flames not exactly staying still).

Anyway I think the drawing works alright which is the main thing and coupled with the fact that I can now actually light the fire, I would say these fire related things are a success.

Anyway, having now written an essay to bore you all with I’ll leave you all in peace!

Till tomorrow!


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