Day 110: A Bright Spark!

Day 110: A Bright Spark!

Just a real quick upload today as I only have a few minutes to actually get it uploaded and posted.


Will hopefully be quite obvious what the subject is on today’s sketch. As we have a multiburner with a back boiler to heat our house and it’s beginning to get a bit cold in the days and nights here now I thought I would sketch a simple but incredibly useful box of matches (long ones which are even more useful as well).

No colour in this as I had to do it quickly to actually get it ready in time to upload before midnight, still I actually quite happy with it. I think its the first time I’ve managed to get the text to look ok and pretty accurate on a weirdly angled surface which I’m happy with (turns out all you need is some guidelines so there you go).

Anyway that’s all for today so as usual..

Till tomorrow!


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