Day 109: Nando’s for lunch!

Day 109: Nando’s for lunch!

So today we went Christmas shopping and stopped off at Nando’s for lunch so, while waiting for the food to come out I decided to draw the table number menu holder thing.


So this is the finished sketch of the menu holder thing. (Apologises for the darkness of the sketch, the camera washed the colours out a little bit). It was done rather quickly as well which I think shows although the sketch isn’t awful and is fairly accurate to the actual subject.

One thing I do need to try and improve on is the whole scale of the sketches and how I don’t seem to be able to get it to fit the entire subject into the sketch at times, still it was nice to be sketching in a different situation to ones I normally sketch in and more public sketching is something I want to try and get done more.

Anyway that’s all for today so as usual.

Till tomorrow!


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