Day 106: Coffee and Biscuits.

Day 106: Coffee and Biscuits.

Right I need to do a really quick post tonight as I really do need to get to sleep. Anyway today’s subject was a rather simple but always pleasant cup of coffee and some bourbon biscuits.


Drawn after getting home from another long shift (this time 12 hours instead of 12), this was a quick and easy sketch which didn’t take a whole lot of time. I’m pretty pleased with it although the label on the cup is out of alignment with the actual mug perspective but oh well I think it still manages to get the message across.

Anyway as I said  a short one tonight so that’s all for this blog. Ironically enough though I never actually got to finish the cup of coffee or eat the biscuits as we went to see my mum for her birthday but never mind, such is life.

Till tomorrow!


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