Day 133: The Wooden Dead!

Day 133: The Wooden Dead!

So as you might be able to tell from the title me and my wife have been watching a bit of The Walking Dead lately, so much so that I may have accidentally ran out of time to do a outdoors sketch. Luckily though I saw my mannequin and had a zombie themed idea.


Now hopefully you can tell that this is meant to be the classic zombie like pose. Admittedly it would be better if I could actually do foreshortening well but there you go. I think I managed to get the legs and the body down but the arms are definitely not looking at their best. Still I didn’t have a hell of a lot of time to actually draw it so there you go.

At least now I have something to concentrate practising on in the foreshortening. Will just have to find some subjects to draw so as always……

Till tommorow!


Day 132: Pewter Candlestick

Day 132: Pewter Candlestick

So, we’ve spent the evening at my parents in laws today eating quiche and playing scrabble so before we left I took the chance to quickly sketch this rather basic but elegant pewter candlestick.


As said above this was done quickly and simply. Desptie this the tones came out pretty well on it which is nice with the light reflection bit showing through on the actual candlestick holder as well as the edges of it.

Although there’s not a lot more to say in regards to the actual drawing I do quite like how it turned out. Unfortunately I forgot to turn the flash on on the camera when I took the photo so its a little bit dark but oh well you cna still see the values.

I would also like to thank everyone that is visiting this blog and taking a interest in my attempts at art. I apologise that I don’t have a lot of time to return the favour s but rest assured I do really value your comments, views and likes and hope that the improvement I hope I’m making is worth it for you all.

Anyway that’s all for today. I have work in the afternoon tomorrow so may try and get a sketch done outside. Though., given the weather they give tomorrow this may be a bit of a stupid ambition. We’ll have to see.

Till tomorrow!

Day 131: Seeing the Subject!

Day 131: Seeing the subject!

So today was another day where I just picked something close to me and drew it, which just happened to be a pair of glasses (not mine mind you, but my wife’s).


As i said just a basic sketch of the glasses concentrating more on the actual shape of the subject rather than the actual shading and tone (though I have tried to add some basic tones and shading in there as well)

I’m pretty happy as well with how it came out given that it is all free handed rather than any sort of measurement which is something I struggle with in trying to match up shapes and scales so yer, I’m pretty happy with this.

Anyway that’s all for today so I hope you all enjoy it and I’ll see (pun completely intended) you all tomorrow

Till tomorrow!

Day 130: Ferrero

Day 130: Ferrero

So today was another case of a busy (or rather lazy) day in which I left the sketch to late on in the day. Luckily finding something small but interesting to draw was easy enough in something we probably all have a lot of at the moment: Chocolate, or more specifically in this case a Ferrero Rocher.


Really enjoyed doing this one as well as the foil that they come wrapped in provided a interesting and varied texture with a lot of different values in it to capture. Which, although obviously not as varied in tone as the real thing I think I may have got the basic tones down well enough to show that its foil and hopefully with the help of the case that its a Ferrero Rocher.

I also added the faded black border that I had been using in my sketches a little while ago as I think that for the simple still life subjects it helps bring them out a bit more. and gives them more definition.

Anyway, I’ve apparently got to go and take care of some raiders for someone in Fallout 4 so I hope you all enjoy the chocolate and aren’t quite sick of the sight of it yet!

Till tomorrow!

Day 129: Oranges!

Day 129: Oranges!

So today I didn’t have much time again to do the sketch so snatched some time while everyone was watching Despicable Me to sketch some oranges.


I’m actually really happy with this sketch as I like how well it came out for how long that it took to draw and just the general finished product. I’m pretty happy with the shading as well and that the textures worked out well on them as I wasn’t sure they would.

Anyway as I’ve already posted today there isn’t much more that I need to say so I’ll just hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and see you tomorrow.

Till tomorrow!

Day 127: Meeple

Day 127: Meeple

So as said, I didn’t manage to get a drawing uploaded on Christmas Day but I did mange to get a very quick one done of a meeple from one of my new boardgames that I got for Christmas, in this particular case Carcassonne.


Just a really quick sketch of the little playing piece using some of the new pen nib sizes that I also got. Quite like the sketch given that it only took me a few minutes to actually do though the right side does look better than the left. The shading is rather basic too but I like that it gives off the desired effect.

The photo was also taken on my new Samsung which is good as it means that I now have a actual camera to take photos with which is a hell of a lot more powerful than my mobile camera. Anyway that’s all for the Christmas Day sketch as I now have to upload today’s sketch as well so I’ll see you all again in a minute!

Till tomorrow (or in this case today)!

Day 127: Christmas Eve

Day 127: Christmas Eve

So yesterday I said that I’d draw some presents for Christmas Eve and I actually managed to get that done which is surprising if the past is anything to go by. Anyway here is the presents sat underneath my parents Christmas tree.


Pretty time consuming drawing but fun none the less. Hopefully it actually looks like what its meant to look like, a nice festive drawing to celebrate the time of year complete with presents and a tree for you all!

Will try and get a drawing done and uploaded tomorrow though given that it’s going to be a bit hectic being Christmas Day and all I may have to do the drawing and upload it on Boxing day or something. Still I’ll try my best.

Anyway I need to be social and see if I’ve wont he game of scrabble I’m in the middle of playing so I’ll wish you all the Merry Christmas!

Till tomorrow! (or maybe boxing day!)

Day 126: Meerkat!

Day 126: Meerkat!

Right, another really quick upload tonight as I’m literally falling asleep here at the moment (and given that I doubt I’ll get a hell of a lot of sleep tomorrow night I want to at least try and get some tonight). Anyway today we’ve been home for literally the last 49 minutes from 5:40 this morning so it was a nice quick, pick up something and sketch it drawing today in the form of a stress toy Meerkat head thing.


Now this was slightly different in that I choose to draw it mainly because of the dark shadow that it cast on the black matt hat it was sat on (as you can hopefully see in the above sketch). Honestly I would have liked to have spent more time on the sketch but if I wanted to get it done today then I didn’t have much choice. Plus its always good to try and do a few quick ones to try and get better at doing accurate speed drawings.

As far as accuracy goes I think I managed to get the shape down pretty well (as basic as it is). The tonal range lets it down a little bit but as mentioned above this was mainly down to time constraints.

Anyway hopefully I’ll have more time to sit down and sketch tomorrow rather than rushing it like today (I’m thinking some stacked presents for Christmas Eve but we’ll have to see), but still I hope you find something you like in this sketch!

Till tomorrow!

Day 125: Staple Ingredient

Day 125: Staple Ingredient 

So today’s sketch is a pretty simple one done while trying not to burn the Chilli my wife was cooking. As such it was of one of the ingredients that I thought would be a interesting sketch.


Now hopefully you can tell that its a onion (a red one to be specific but I’ll forgive you for not being able to tell which sort of onion it is). Unfortunately the shoddy camera didn’t capture the tonal values very well (I promise they’re there) but I like that the shape looks like the actual onion.

Anyway that’s all for today as I’ve drawn a blank and can’t remember what on earth I was going to say next.

Got a scan for the bump tomorrow and then were seeing some friends or something so not sure what the sketch will be of tomorrow.

Till tomorrow!