Day 103: Stone Lady

Day 103: Stone Lady

So I actually did manage to get outside today to do a sketch which is pretty good going on account of the fact that my track record of doing what I say I’m going to lately hasn’t been brilliant.


So anyway, at the top of my village is the old manor house which has a pretty long drive leading from the village to the house with these statues at bridge to the drive. Decided that they’d make for a good series of daily sketches as there are a few of them there and there mostly all different.

Unfortunately though I couldn’t get much closer to this one to try and capture it more accurately but I’m pretty sure you can all still make out that its a woman. As for the black outline around the image its something that I’ve been trying on other sketches that I’ve done to try and push the image out more so wanted to give it a go with this, obviously there isn’t a black outline to the statue in real life. I quite like it too though its not brilliantly done in this sketch as it does seem to do the job of making the image stand out.

Anyway that’s all for today. No idea what I’m going to sketch tomorrow as I’m at work from 10 till 6 but I’m sure I’ll find something.

Till tomorrow!


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