Day 82: Turning up the heat (hopefully)

Day 82: Turning up the heat (hopefully)

So today I had to wait around for a plumber to come out and look at problem with our plumbing so decided to try and draw what will (hopefully) end up heating our home in the form of our multi fuel burner.


Quite like how the drawing turned out as well which is good, as I didn’t believe that it was going to turn out well whilst I was drawing it. It was also quite hard to push the values when most of the subject is shades of dark black but that’s something that I need to work on as there must be a way of doing it.

As for the actual system, hopefully I’ll be able to get a drawing done of it when were able to light the fire and use it to actually heat up the house like its supposed too.but given that the plumbing hasn’t been brilliant so far we don’t want to chance it without having ti looked at.

Anyway that’s enough of me blabbering on today. Hope you all enjoy the drawing!

Till tomorrow!


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